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Carson City Republican Convention

Attend  the Carson City Republican Convention VIRTUALLY during these challenging times with the Governor's orders to stay-in-place during the month of April.
We will be approving the Nevada GOP Delegate contingents from Carson City AND the Carson City Republican Platform.  Click here to review.
You can attend the meeting on April 11th at 9AM sharp via telephone or via computer with our Zoom meeting. 
Call into conference by dialing 669-900-6833 and enter the code 630 69 2751 followed by #
Or attend via zoom computer conference Join Zoom Meeting
We recommend you join early so you can be ready to start at 9AM -- Everyone will be muted at the start of the meeting to minimize background noise and we will open the line for discussion when appropriate.
Call our Outreach chair (714-270-9607) if you have any questions or would like to attend our practice session on April 9th at 3:000pm -- Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 714 270 9607
Password: 9607

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