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By Susan Ruch, CCRP State Committeewoman, 9/26/21

The Biden administration is proposing a 3.5 trillion-dollar spending bill. The bill includes money for the Green New Deal, more money for infrastructure, which was addressed in the last bill they passed in July, tracking your bank accounts and many other ominous items.

The bank proposal would require banks to report gross inflows and outflows to the IRS, including transactions from Venmo, PayPal, crypto transactions, and the like, to fight tax evasion. Also, by the tenth year of the program the bill will provide Federal employees with twelve weeks guaranteed parental leave and family personal/sick leave.

On the plus side, Elizabeth McDonough, the Senate parliamentarian who referees what can go into a budget reconciliation bill, nixed the idea the Dems could include amnesty for illegals. In a ruling released Sunday, Mrs. McDonough dismissed the democratic argument for why amnesty could be included in the reconciliation process. However, the Senate can vote to overturn a reconciliation determination made by the parliamentarian by a simple majority vote.

The following are Democrats who want to work across the isle with Republicans. I believe we need to reach out to these senators, email or call them and ask them to stand with the American People. Senator Joe Manchin said in an interview on Thursday as he walked to his office: “What’s the need? There is no timeline. I want to understand it.” “I don’t think anything runs out. Right now, we’ve got good nutrition for children, a lot of things are covered right now clear [into] next year”.

We need your help, please take some time to contact these Senators. I have listed the Senators to contact with their phone numbers. If you want to email or fax, go to Contact your Senator in your web browser on the search engine DuckDuckGo. Enter Contact your Senator and you will easily find their information.

You can email, it’s easy to do.

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