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Carson City Republican Central Committee Chairman's Corner for June 17, 2024 by Susan Ruch

Our primary was last week, and I have much to report. I want to thank our previous Charman, Paul Strasser, who has, for numerous election cycles, set up our Republican booth at the Community Center during our primary and general elections. Our booth offers information for our voters, a place for people to express their opinions and share their thoughts. I want to thank all the Carson City voters who did their civic duty and voted. We are close to 15,000 Republicans in Carson City. I am pleased to announce that 5,779 Republicans voted in the primary, making our percentage 38.6 % participation from our fellow voters. In most of our previous primaries, the average participation is approximately 32%. Does this indicate that Republicans in Carson are awake and involved? How about the People of Faith? Did they vote in the primary? Sadly, only 50% of people of faith are registered voters, and only 32% customarily vote. Primary elections are crucial; this should be when citizens select candidates who are most aligned with our values. We must realize that the National election is essential, but local races affect us the most significantly.

Focusing on bottom-up races, not top-down ones, is essential in the future. School Board, Board of Supervisor, Judges, Mayor, State Assembly, and State Senate races affect our lives more directly than the national elections. Therefore, investigate the candidates and vote for someone who aligns most with our values. In the future, toward the General Election in November, we will produce a slate card for Republican Candidates to share with our voters. I have enclosed data from our Clerk-Recorder, Scott Hoen, for your review. Please review and understand how much must be done in the next five months. The time is now to get involved. 

Most of us within our bubble have deep concerns for our country. How many people say what can I do? It was suggested on the Royce White show that there is a very doable activity we can easily do from home, and it can genuinely make a difference. As Republicans, we have always wanted not to offend. We are in a spiritual warfare, good against evil, so we need to step up and do what is required to save our country. One great project is to make a list of twenty people that you know. Then, share essential national or local information with these friends, relatives, or neighbors on your list. You may lose a person on this list because they don't want to hear bad news or are not aligned with your values, but do not take offense.

In the Revolutionary War, only 20% of the free population participated. Only about 10% of the population participated in the Civil War.

Today, we battle to save our Constitutional Republic (we are not a democratic government); therefore, you are an exceptional person by getting involved. Contact your selected list members by email, make friendly phone calls, or have tea in whatever way you are comfortable spreading our news.

One fun idea: start your newsletter. Always double-check the information you are sharing to be sure it is accurate. One rule of thumb is to check three different news sources. The news is most likely correct if three news sources report the same information. Once you have achieved a group, you can influence them and suggest they follow the same process. You have officially become an influencer, which is a significant part of the strategy; as I have said many times, knowledge is power, and we share the truth. Truth always wins in our spiritual war, but it will take many years, and this will not be a quick fix, but we march onward.

The General Election is only five months away

A fair election is essential in our Constitutional Republic. The General Election is only five months away, and poll watching and poll working are instrumental in securing our election. In 2022, I heard that the Democrats were uncomfortable that we had so many Poll Watchers observing the election process. We must repeat this activity during the November election. The Carson City Republican Party will be offering some training on the process. We are working out the details now, but please be willing to help in November. To be a Poll Worker, you must apply with your county clerk registrar or county clerk. I have written an essay on the Republican National Consent Decree, which explains why, for over 30 years, the Republican Party was not involved with the poll watching. 2020 was the first time since 1982 that we, the Republican Party, were legally allowed to be monitoring the polls. I hope to have it attached to our website soon, and the information will be available at the headquarters on 1971 California Street. This article will demonstrate why having Poll Watchers and Poll Workers in every county in the state is extremely important.

Our ballot in November will have several questions, and you must understand the outcome of the questions, which will change our constitution. Many of you have assisted with collecting signatures for* Voter ID. We need Voter ID; let's pray we have the 102,000 signatures required to get the question on the ballot. Thank you to all who assisted with this project. We sent 1881 signatures from Carson City. We will know the outcome of this initiative by the end of June. *There will be a question about Rank Choice Voting/Jumbo Primaries on the ballot. Rank Choice Voting = California-style voting, which would be very bad for Nevada, but you must be able to explain this complicated voting method.

We will host Nathan Duell of the Heritage Foundation at our next Membership meeting on June 27. 6:30 PM at the Casino Fandango, Craft 55 Room. His mission is to explain how Rank Choice Voting works and why we must defeat this initiative.

*One more question will be on Abortion. Please educate yourself on this subject. Abortion is codified in our constitution, and women may abort up to 6 Months. The new ballot abortion initiative is trying to push the limit to 9 months and after. Pay attention to the wording, prenatal and postnatal. Postnatal, after birth, which is murder. I am sure this is how California passed this satanic law onto its citizens. People who do not understand the difference between prenatal and postnatal, especially when English is a second language. Postnatal equates to genocide.

The people of Carson City love the uniqueness of our small town. I moved here in 2007 and loved the quaintness, the beauty of blue skies, the mountain views, and the overall charm of Carson. We see things changing dramatically for various reasons, and we have many questions.

At our meeting on July 25, I asked Sherrif Furlong to come and speak to us on serious questions about homelessness, illegals, and the overall safety of our city. Yes, we will give candidates, especially those running for judicial races, an opportunity to speak at that meeting. It all ties together. Please put this on your calendar; I get many questions about what is happening and what our city is doing about these issues. It is important to be informed. Juy 25, 6:30 PM Casino Fandango, Craft 55 Room. We need everyone to be prepared for whatever comes our way.

The CCRP is excited to announce we are holding a fun-filled afternoon on September 21, the Carson City Republican Party Jail House Summer Break Out (Title subject to change).

We will hold our summer event at the Nevada State Prison grounds on September 21 from 12 to 4 PM. This will be a very special afternoon with music, food catered by the Bus Boy, speakers, and much more. We will provide more information soon, and tickets will be on sale by the beginning of July; there will be 30 VIP tickets available, which include a tour of the prison. There are no exceptions; only 30 tickets and two tours will allow only 15 people per tour. We look forward to seeing you there.

The CCRP wants to thank you for your continued support. We can't do it without you. I can assure you that we are working hard to keep Carson Red and help solidify Nevada as a Red State.

God Bless America, Nevada, Carson City, and you.

Your Chairman, Susan Ruch,

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy. James Madison (sounds like current events): Stand Strong, fellow patriots.

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