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Carson City Republican PartyWeekly Update for 3/31/24

Weekly Update for 3/31/24 For those of You in the Know

Election Update

Attention, all Republicans. The time to act is now. Please sign up to be a poll worker. In

2022, we made a difference, and we need to do it again in 2024. Let's not forget the

significance of the Republican Party's return to poll work in 2020, which marked the

beginning of our resurgence. Refresh your memory of the critical history of the

Republican National Committee Consent Decree 1982. I will repost the historical facts

on our Website again for your review. This Consent Decree prevented Republicans from

working at the polls for more than 30 years. In 2022, we were vigilant at the polls, but

the Dems didn't like it. This year, it has been reported that the Democrats are

outnumbering us in registering to work the polls. Please help to sign up in time for the

Primary, your obligation is for two weeks, with early voting starting in May. Your

schedule is flexible; you get paid, and your County and state need you. Go immediately

to the Clerk Recorders Office on Muser Street and sign up for the poll working for the

Primary in June and the General Election in November. There are only a few weeks left

to sign up. We need you; your Country needs you. "Poll working 2024!!

Voter Registration

We are witnessing a surge of people changing to the Republican Party. However, some

have realized too late that the DMV has changed their party affiliation to NON-PARTY

for the Caucus. It's crucial to check your status three weeks before the Primary to avoid

this. This simple process can be done on the Secretary of State website, at the Clerk-

Recorder office on Muser Steet, or our office on California Street. Your County and state

need every Republican vote and your help; we will make a difference, and you're

helping to save your Country. Please call 775 841-1800 and ask for Eylise Johnston, who

has agreed to Chair our Voter Registration Campaign. Our first outing will be the Carson

City Wine Walk next week. Want to help? Call us.

We are continually adding new events to our Calendar. Check regularly; we also add

events from our neighboring counties. To check out all the fun and exciting activities,

select the Events tab on our Website,, or go to our

calendar on the Website. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter/X, Instagram, and LinkedIn

First Fridays

Our First Friday in April will be held at Nashville Social Club, 1106 S. Carson Street, on

April 6 from 6 to 8 PM. We will be in the Cozy atmosphere of the sunroom. Have a great

time meeting and talking with like-minded friends. Our second Vice Chair, Marie King, has

been the key person for two years making these events happen. Contact Marie if you

know of a restaurant or bar that would like to host our event: 661 414-6064.


On April 13, we will be holding A Better School Expo. This year, we will hold the event at

the Carson City Senior Center, 911 Beverly Dr., in the Nevada Room from 10 AM to 1 PM.

The event will have representatives from private schools, online schools, homeschooling,

co-ops, and information on Summer Camps for this summer. Parents, Grandparents, and

the public are welcome. Our Children are the future; we must stop the indoctrination and

improve the education standards in Nevada for our children. We have suggested a $10


Candidate Open House

Starting Thursday, April 17, we will hold an Open House from 4 to 6 PM for Candidates of

all political races to stop by and talk to concerned voters. We will continue the Open

House until the Primary in June. The Open House will allow you to speak with the

candidates from the School Board race to the top, including the US Senate Race. If

candidates inform us early, we will advertise their attendance. We will offer light snacks.

Stay tuned as we advertise our kick-off Open House. Our calendar will show candidates

who have scheduled a particular date with us.

General Membership Meeting

April 25, our General Meeting will start at 6:30 P.M. in the Craft 55 Room of the Casino

Fandango, a smaller room off Palm Court. We have two exciting items on our agenda:

This month, we will hold an election for State Committeemen. Happily, I can report that

most of our Committeemen are returning. We do have four positions open currently. If

you would like to be a candidate for this position, please speak with an Executive Board

Member. There are considerable commitments as a State Committeeman, such as chairing

a committee, and you are expected to travel twice a year for the State Meetings. This

includes traveling to Las Vegas or other rural counties periodically. You must be a member

on April 25. We need all Bios by April 12.

We will also have US Senate Candidate Tony Grady speaking at the meeting. If you have

not heard Tony speak, you should take the time. He is a viable candidate for the Senate.

At the end of the meeting, we will allow Candidates who attend 2 to 3 minutes to speak.

This is the best way to decide who to vote for in the Primary.

We Need Your Help

Volunteering for the CCRP

If you are frustrated and want to volunteer but are unsure what to do, please join us on

April 10, 4 to 6 PM, at the Carson City Republican Headquarters. We will host an Open

House with light refreshments for people to stop by and see how you can assist. We will

have volunteers to answer questions and chairs of Standing Committees (Booth

Committee, Parade Committee, Voter Registration, Precinct, Ballot Harvesting) and more

information. We are the most welcoming and fun CCRP ever, so join our family and make

a difference. You can sign up on our website,, to

complete the volunteer form or come to our office. We have an election to win in 2024!

We will be working with Turning Point Action on Ballot Chasing. We will start now to

fully understand and practice how to effectively ensure that most Republicans in Carson

City vote this all-important year. If you are interested, let us know. We need many people

to tackle Carson City during the Primary and General Election.

Do you believe we should have a Voter ID? Most citizens of the U.S. believe in Voter ID.

We are on a mission to collect signatures for VOTER ID for a Ballot Initiative for the

November Ballot. We are trying to collect 1,500 by the end of April. Please call

Headquarters to sign up. We will be door-knocking on the first warmer weekend, making

it very easy to collect signatures, and everyone agrees with this. You may go to our

Website and fill out the online Volunteer Application form.' Join the ranks of dedicated

volunteers. Our state and country need you now.

CRP Office and What We Offer

We have a library of interesting political books for you to enjoy. Stop by and select your

next book: Knowledge is Power. We would appreciate the donation if you have current

political books you would like to share with our readers.

We offer a vast selection of political merchandise for donations. We have political shirts,

flags, buttons, hats, bumper stickers galore, and patriotic brooches. Stop in during our

office hours, 10 to 4 Monday through Friday and 10 to 2 Saturday.


We have a Membership Application on our Website and at our CCRP office. Membership is

free. If you are a registered Republican in Carson City, you can join by attending two

consecutive CCRCC general membership meetings, with the third meeting being voted in

as a voting member. Participation in an approved volunteer activity and office work may

also count as attendance.


Donor Programs - Please help us by donating whatever you can by stopping by the

office with your donation or clicking on the DONATE button on our Website.

We also have three special donor programs:

Red Wave Warrior Donor - one-time donation of $25.

Major Donor - $90 monthly recurring gift or $1,000 or more.

Booster Boster Donor: $45 monthly recurring gift or $500 or more donation.

Please support us with any of these programs. Thank you!!

"Angel Donner"—Please consider being an "Angel" donor. An "Angel" donor

contributes any amount up to $200 to help match what we collect when we

"pass the hat" at our membership meeting (any amount is appreciated). Our

Angel Donner will receive a copy of the film "A Letter to the American Church " and a

bottle of wine next month.

Please help in any way you can. What do we do with our funds? Donations help

support the Headquarters, pay for our slate cards, mailings, outreach to help grow the

party, and more. We operate entirely on donations only. We couldn't do it without you.

We greatly appreciate all your contributions. God Bless America, Nevada, Carson City,

and you.

Happy Easter,

Susan Ruch, Chairman

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