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Press Release - CCRCC 2021 Board Election Results

April 22, 2021

Carson City Republican Party Central Committee Elects New Slate of Officers

Carson City, NV

The Carson City Republican Central Committee (CCRCC), elected Party officers for 2021-22.

· Scott Hoen – Chairman,

· Joe Hart – 1st Vice Chair for Programming,

· Marti Cockell, 2nd Vice Chair for Volunteers, Office and Precincts,

· John Pack – 3rd Vice Chair for Outreach

· Karen Fletcher, Secretary

· Art Hernandez, Treasurer

Scott Hoen begins his first term replacing Paul Strasser who stepped down. Art Hernandez is taking over from Pat Packard as Treasurer; John Pack takes over for Scott Hoen with Outreach and Karen Fletcher returns for her 2nd term as Secretary.

Also elected were the following State Committeemen representing Carson City at Nevada GOP meetings:

· Joy Trushenski

· Angela LoGiurato

· Rick Rowe

· Susan Ruch

· Louanne Geisler

Scott Hoen said, “I am looking forward to working with this strong team as we ready ourselves for the 2022 election cycle. I would also like to thank Paul Strasser for his leadership and dedication over the past two terms as Chairman”

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