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CCRP Chairman's Corner

Chairman's Corner March 25, 2024 

Miracles of Miracles Donald J. Trump received another blessing. Yes, Donald is not perfect, but are any of us? Looking at the situation, Donald Trump could walk away and live an extraordinary life with his beautiful wife, Melania, and son, Barron. Instead, he loves America more than many Americans. Every day, the left scourges Donald with constant attacks, but still, he stands with us and fights on. New York Attorney General Letitia James campaigned on destroying Donald Trump.

She coveted confiscating his New York properties to cover his $454 Million penalty due on Monday, yesterday. She has been quoted, "I am going to have a Fire Sale on his properties." Meanwhile, on Monday, a New York appeals court reduced the amount due to a 175-million-dollar bond and gave Trump another ten days to find the funds. God works in mysterious ways, and those of faith know that God is always in control. On Friday, the Shareholders voted to approve a merger between Trump Media and Technology Group, the parent company of Truth Social, and its unique purpose acquisition company, Digital World Acquisition Corp., a publicly traded shell company. Friday, the SEC approved the merger, raising the wealth of Donald J. Trump by billions. Once more, the evil plans of the Marxist Democrats have been thwarted. What is the possibility of this occurring? Is the Lord having one more laugh at the expense of the Democrats? Donald Trump, our Presidential Candidate, must be embraced. He has given up so much for America. Trump 2024! 

The Republican Party's resilience was fully displayed at our Lincoln Dinner on February 8. Despite a snowstorm threatening to dampen our spirits, the LDD succeeded. Our keynote Speaker, Drew McKissick (who came from South Carolina), and our Nevada Chairman, Michael McDonald, showed their unwavering support by braving the weather. Undeterred by the conditions, two-thirds of our guests joined us for the event. The exceptional service from the Casino Fandango was a testament to their continued support of the CCRP. We are grateful to the many organizations that supported us through donations of live auction items and program advertising. This event, our largest fundraiser of the year, was a resounding success due to our faithful Republicans and supporters. Thank you. We encourage you to support the businesses that generously support the CCRP; we are all under one large umbrella.   


Artistic Fence Company, Battle Born Tree Service, Bull Dog PC Repair, Carson Antiques and Collectibles, Carson City BBQ, Carson Home Furnishings, Carson Jewelry and Loan, Glen Eagles Restaurant, Greenhouse Garden Center, Hawkins Heating and Air, La Pasada Real Restaurant, Lupos Restaurant, Right Side Clothing Company, Wild Bill Guns and More, and DRC Landscaping very generously Sponsored a Youth Table of 10.    

As we delve deeper into this year's election cycle, our focus on voter registration and participation becomes paramount. We are pleased to announce the appointment of Elise Johnston as the chair of the voter registration committee. We aim to mobilize teams to engage in voter registration efforts across Carson City. This strategic approach seeks to educate our voters on the significant issues of this cycle. We will be collaborating with Turning Point Action, which includes ballot chasing. We need dedicated individuals who are willing to work in their precincts. The detailed information we have on each precinct is fascinating and underscores the importance of our data-driven approach. 

We need every Republican to exercise their right to vote in this election. Additionally, we seek volunteers to sign up as Poll Watchers and Poll Workers, which you may do at the Clerk-Recorder's office on Muser Street. Our collective efforts made a difference in 2022; we are determined to make an even more significant impact in 2024.  

Nevada's public education system is ranked between 45 and 50, depending on the category, with our school safety ranking 50th in 2023. At the CCRP, we advocate for the best education for your

children and grandchildren. Our children are the future, and we must ensure they receive a quality education free from indoctrination. On April 13, from 10 to 1, we will be hosting a Better Education Forum in the Nevada Room of the Carson City Senior Center. This event will feature private schools,

homeschooling, co-ops, and information on summer camps and will provide parents and

grandparents with a comprehensive view of their educational options. We invite all citizens of

Carson Valley and Reno to attend. We aim to provide our children with the best opportunities for success. Please share this information with families and friends.  

We just held our county convention last Saturday. Our young board has learned much this year with the Caucus, Precinct Meeting, and County Convention. Moving forward to the next Caucus, we will have additional Caucus locations. We pledge to grow the number of people participating in the Caucus. Holding a Caucus prevents the State from participating in Selecting our Presidential Choice. The Caucus gives us Voter ID, Paper Ballots, Hand Counting, and more. The true patriots who participated in the Caucus were fellow countrymen who truly cared. In the future, we also want to encourage more extended hours. The CCRP will continue to hold the Precinct Meeting separate from the County Convention. Why? Our Plank Committee, which we owe thanks to, had time to write a new 2024 platform for the CCRP. This schedule allowed the delegates who participated in the convention a voice on the platform. Once more, we want our voters to have a voice. Giving our voters a chance to speak makes our party stronger. Thank you to everyone who volunteered and those of you who participated. We have approximately 60 people who have signed up to be

delegates for our State Convention on May 3 and 4 of this year. It will be a great convention at the new South Shore Convention Center, Lake Tahoe. 

The Carson City Republican Party is diligently working to win 2024 and save our country. On April 10, from 4 to 6 PM, we will host a Volunteer Open House. If you want to meet current volunteers or learn more about how you can help, please join us for this informal get-together. We have many opportunities to volunteer, and you will be part of the team that saves our country. Please RSVP at 775-841-1800; we will be serving light refreshments.  

Thank you for your continued support. We couldn't do it without you. 

God Bless America, Nevada, Carson City, and you.  

Susan Ruch, Chairman 

"Ask Not what your country can do for you- ask what you can do for your country."

J.F. Kennedy 

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