• Karen Fletcher

Chairman Paul Strasser's Update - 4-21-21

Well, this will be my last letter as Chairman, I hope everyone has enjoyed the last 4 years; I have.

As we gather Thursday for the election, please remember that when it is all over, we remain friends and committed Republicans. I hope everyone that votes Thursday has an open mind and listens to our candidates before making up your mind. Secondhand information is usually wrong and misconstrued. Also, each person will be able to ask a candidate two questions. Please make sure we exercise this and learn about them as much as we can. Remember I am not running because I believe 4 years is plenty and to move the Party forward, we must elect new leadership. We all complain about our Senators and Representatives being in office too long. So here is our chance to create change in our leadership.

One more thing, the rallies downtown could use some more people, please take a couple hours out of your Saturday, and show your support. There are a couple of groups that put these together, please show your support and help them out. Next one is May 1st. See you there.

Paul Strasser



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