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  • Karen Fletcher

Chairman Paul Strasser's Update - 1/20/2021

Today is a very difficult day. I couldn’t be more upset or disheartened. So as I see it we have two choices: one quit - NO. Or two, get up and fight - YES! As we go forward I say fight, fight fight.

First fight is this legislature session. We are working with a couple of different groups to track, monitor, alert us on bills in the legislature. If you want to help please let me know. I hope at the end of the day we can alert every Republican voter in Nevada what the Democrats are up to and provide as much feedback to our representatives as we can. Again if you want to help call or email.

Don’t forget elections are coming up, be part of this organization and make a difference. There are several opportunities for you, take advantage of this chance to excel and make the party better.




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