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Chairman Paul Strasser's Update - 2/10/2021

We had our Executive board meeting last night, so here are a few items of discussion and interest.

-We need some ideas for masks and other items to have available at the office. If you can think of something cool and appropriate, please send ideas to

-We get a lot of feedback that people want more information on the Legislative session; please check our webpage. Karen has put a lot of information about the Legislature and continues to do so daily. It also has a lot of other useful info such as Bylaws, Platform and contact information.

-We are still looking for nominees for our Executive Board for April election. We need folks to step up and help.

Below is a list of all the offices up for election in 2022, with current holder and Party if applicable. Yes, all the city offices and Judges are non-partisan. So, if you want to run for one of these seats let us know. The Nevada GOP will be hosting a candidate school in the next couple of months for your support and education. Even if you are just thinking about it, please give us a call, attend the class, then make your decision. You do not know unless you try or at least explore.

Paul Strasser


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