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Chairman Paul Strasser's Update - 2/17/2021

We had a meeting with our Nevada GOP leadership discussing the election and our way forward. As a reminder, here are the numbers.

Duplicate Voters 42,284

Non-Nevada Address 15,164

Commercial Address 8,842

Vacant Address 3,463

Not an Existing Address 3,262

Out of State 2,468

Deceased 1,506

Non-Citizens 3,987

Total 80,976

And do not forget the winning margin was around 30,000, so really 15,000 votes our way would have won the election. Looks like it should have been a Trump landslide, instead we get nothing to see here. Really upsetting.

As a way forward the party has four things that we will work on;

1. Election Integrity - Bills/Actions/Lawsuits to prevent voter fraud.

2. Legislative Session – Alex Watson and crew who are working out of the Carson City Headquarters will be focusing our efforts on Election Reform, Emergency Powers, and Reopening the Legislative Building.

3. RISE Republican Infrastructure Strengthening Engagement – help county parties.

4. Campaign College - Teach our candidates how to win!

There is still a lot of activity at the Legislature; please use your phone and computer to fight the fight. It has been successful, see our Legislative update letter.

For some bizarre reason Clark County wants to rename McCarran after an avowed racist. I am not sure why they feel the need when so many other things are much more important. If you don't want to spend your life saying Reid Airport, please send an email to the following.

Commissioner Michael Naft: Commissioner Marilyn Kirkpatrick: Commissioner Ross Miller: Commissioner William McCurdy: Commissioner Tick Segerblom: Commissioner Justin Jones: Commissioner Jim Gibson:

One more thing, do not forget Executive Board elections coming up. Step up and make a difference in our city, state and nation!

Paul Strasser


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