• Karen Fletcher

Chairman Paul Strasser's Update - 2/24/2021

There is a membership meeting on Thursday! Wow that was a fast month. We are looking forward to our speaker Annie Black; she usually has a lot to say and again usually she does not hold back. I for one appreciate candor and honesty in this current political climate.

There is a lot of Legislation floating around, most not good. Please read our email, check our website, and comment/testify as you can. Every voice counts.

Please see link to the set Republican Assembly Caucus Priorities, and please take a few minutes and read through it. I received it from PK O'Neil via his email update. This is good reading, so if you have not subscribed to him please do. I believe all you need to do is send him a quick email asking to be included.

Again, elections are coming up. I can't stress the importance of filling these positions. I really want some new people to reinvigorate us with some new and better ideas on how to run, recruit, and operate this party.

Paul Strasser



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