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Chairman Paul Strasser's Update - 2/3/2021

A lot of information is being presented this week either via us or the Nevada GOP and other organizations. I know it is a lot to keep up on, but it is important that we let you know when, how and who to target with testimony, feedback, phone calls or comments.

Most importantly please understand a lot of people are trying their very best to ensure you get timely and actionable information. If you want to be part of this effort please let us know, I cannot say or ask that enough.

We had a big crowd at the meeting last week, either in person or via Zoom. Personally, I thought we would move away from Zoom but I am starting to think it will be here forever. So, I think we will have to better deal with speaking from the floor and people speaking via Zoom; more to follow.

Yes, elections are coming up, please step up and volunteer. You can make this Party better, stronger, faster, etc.

Speaking of information, below are two links, one for the Republican Assembly Caucus, and the other is for the Republican Senate Caucus. Please sign up; yes another email but information is power.

One more thing, Jim Wheeler has started up a Nevada Freedom Caucus in the Assembly. As soon as I get their information, I will pass it on. Jim Wheeler, R-Douglas, Assemblyman John Ellison, R-Elko; Assemblywoman Jill Dickman, R-Sparks; Assemblyman Richard McArthur, R-Las Vegas; Assemblyman PK O’Neill, R-Carson City; and Assemblyman Andy Matthews, R-Las Vegas are the founding members.

Paul Strasser



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