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Chairman Paul Strasser's Update - 3/10/2021

Updated: Mar 17

We had our executive board last night, during which we reviewed and passed out By-laws. Ed Levy has done a phenomenal job corralling everyone and their ideas into a really good product. Hopefully as written we should not have to amend for a while. PK O’Neil’s email had some interesting news; it looks like the census data will not be available until September. Hmm…. so that will mean we will have another special session just for redistricting. Wow, our Republican legislatures will need every bit of support we can provide. If you do not get his email, please visit with him or his web site to get added. Yes, you have been getting a lot of email about the legislature session. It is important that we comment, call, and complain. The more we can the better results we will get. Probably a good time to call everyone about opening the building again. They do not need to get comfortable with the way things are. On another note the Nevada Democratic Party has gone full Socialist, apparently the full slate from the Democratic Socialists of America has won their election. Good time to reengage with your Democratic friends on their support of the soon to be Socialist Democratic Party.

Paul Strasser



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