• Karen Fletcher

Chairman Paul Strasser's Update - 3/17/2021

We are very excited about the Lincoln Day Dinner. We have a great speaker, great food, and great auction items.

Annie Black got a small victory with her bill ACR2 getting assigned to Legislative Operations and Election Committee chaired by Assemblywoman Brittney Miller. Please call Brittney up and see if we can help Annie get a hearing. ACR2 is Annie's bill to end our "State of Emergency".

Yes, we are still asking for you to call, email, testify at the Legislature. Lots of bills dropped Monday, which by the way was supposed to have been the deadline. But since the Dems are in charge, they are changing the rules. Really?

Please read the NGOP response to our Secretary of State statement. I assume she just cannot bring herself to say yes to all the fraud but just to a little. What is the difference, fraud is fraud. She should be embarrassed, and to be honest I feel like we are finally going to be proved correct.

Do not forget CCRCC upcoming elections; nominations are closed but we can nominate people from the floor. Should be exciting.

I have been rooting through the email addresses so if this is the first email you have gotten from us, Welcome. Sometimes it’s hard to decipher our handwriting.

Paul Strasser



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