• Karen Fletcher

Chairman Paul Strasser's Update - 3/31/2021

We approved our bylaws last week at the monthly meeting, a couple of changes occurred even at the meeting. And to be honest a couple of things were not changed or added that could have been. However, we should be good for a couple of years at least. We wanted it flexible enough to run the party in real world conditions, but strong enough to prevent the party falling apart. So please take a look when you get a chance. It is posted on the website for your viewing pleasure. If you get a chance thank Ed Levy for putting it all together.

Alex Watson talked about the Legislature, yes, it is still going on, and we need to provide feedback, testimony now more than ever. Please take a couple of minutes this week and send in some emails and make a few phone calls. We had at least 65 or so people there, so yes, I am pretty happy about that.

And finally, please offer some prayers and thoughts for Ralph McMullen who was our Parliamentarian at the state meeting and conventions. A really good guy who cared a lot for our party.

Paul Strasser



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