• Karen Fletcher

Chairman Paul Strasser's Update - 4/14/2021

A lot to talk about today, first is that I am extremely proud of our Lincoln Day Dinner. It went off almost flawlessly, food and service at the Fandango was outstanding. Chuck Muth (muthstruths.com) was interesting, our Master of Ceremony, Mark Amodei was funny, Michael McDonald did a good fire and brimstone and thankfully, my speech was short. The only complaint that I heard was sound system; we plan on trying out something new at the next meeting so stand by on that. So next time you see Mary Burgoon give her a big thank you. Also, included in this weekly update is a link to the LDD program; please take a look at the sponsors that supported our party and spend your money accordingly.

The deadline for having all bills out of committee has passed, please see above a list of the ones we need to worry about and comment on. Yes commenting works.

Paul Strasser



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