• Scott Hoen, Outreach

Chairman's Update

Saturday was an awesome day, which included the CCRW Pancake Breakfast, the Nevada Day Parade and the Chili Feed. I saw outstanding support for both the Republican Party and our President.  People were begging us for signs during the parade, (thank you Gary Schmidt) and for wrist bands and buttons.  We could have easily passed out another 1000 signs.  My wife said the crowds were quite silent when the 14 or so Democrat candidates and Democrat organizations passed by.  The parade was launched backwards so we were able to see the front of the parade as it passed our staging point.   Zach Conine, the State Treasurer, even came over to ask who I was.  The float looked great and the music was blasting, thanks to Dan Holden and the float crew.  The 10/24/19 Membership Meeting last Thursday night was very interesting, with several questions to and answers from the mayor.  Again, if you have not been to one of the monthly meetings, please do come. We are modifying the agenda to improve the flow; suggestions from you are most welcome.  A big event in November is the Crafts Fair at the Fandango Casino on November 8th, 9th, and 10th. We are still looking for volunteers to man our booth.  Please call the office to schedule a time or contact Marti Cockell at 775-721-9364. 

Paul Strasser

775 315-7761 pchk9282@yahoo.com