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Chairman Scott Hoen's Update - 6-16-21

Message from our Chairman Scott Hoen

Things are happening – Yes, WE are going to make things happen.

First, I am writing this on Flag Day – a day the progressive socialist left despises. This is a meaningful day to those who believe in and honor our America, and its symbol, the Stars and Stripes. I hope everyone flew the flag proudly!

Have you seen the couple of articles in the Reno Gazette Journal and Nevada Appeal – The Nevada Democratic party had elected a socialist progressive and now the National DNC is opening a separate office to help their Democratic candidates this next election cycle. It’s not pretty over on the other side of the fence and we are going to focus on what we can control and do in Carson City Nevada to make a difference.

Marti Cockell had an excellent volunteer meeting this past Saturday, June 12th. I appreciate everyone’s dedication and exchange of ideas at the meeting – it will make a difference as we head into the 2022 election cycle. I asked for their opinions and have received a couple of letter already – thank you!

I had an excellent meeting with Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske and her Mark Wlaschin, Deputy Secretary of State for Elections, discussing a range of things from the past election to what she is doing heading into the next election. She had great ideas on Civics in the classroom and September voter registration month you will hear more from us later.

I joined the Lee Hoffman, the Chairman of Elko County, at their Lincoln Day dinner on Saturday, June 12th and three possible Republican Governor candidates spoke briefly. Was great to catch up with them individually and get them scheduled in for a Carson City Visit. Joe Lombardo, Joey Gilbert and Dean Heller. Also connected with Sigal Chattah, running for Attorney General. A variety of other Nevada Legislators were there and great to see them fight for us in Nevada.

Finally, our planning meeting was held Tuesday night and a good dialog by all on all the topics necessary for us as we head into the 2022 election cycle. Proud of the team as every member or your Board is contributing to our success.

Scott Hoen (775) 841-1800 Chair@CarsonCityRepublicans.com

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