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Chairman Scott Hoen's Update - 6-2-21

Message from our Chairman Scott Hoen

The Good – Congratulations on all the hard work that contributed to the SUCCESSFUL DEFEAT of the anti-gun bill, SB452 – Because of your willingness to defend the right to keep and bear arms this bill is dead!

The Bad - Nevada will move to permanently expand mail voting and send all active registered voters a mail ballot starting in the 2022 election, after members of the state Senate voted along party-lines to approve AB321 on Sunday evening. We will have to do better with the changing rules.

The Senate voted 15-6 to pass AB126, which would end Nevada’s presidential caucus and replace it with a primary election, and also aims to make the state first in the presidential primary calendar — ahead of New Hampshire and Iowa. This will make it easier for us with the Presidential election in 2024 and we need to do better with Precinct organization and get out the vote.

They have not been signed into law at this time by the Governor, but they are headed to his desk. Reach out and let Governor Sisolak know your thoughts.

I am looking forward to our planning meeting on Tuesday, June 15th to set a course for the Carson City Republican Party heading into the next election. ANYONE interested in running for office can reach out to us and we can connect you with our Nevada GOP Battleborn Candidate School.

Scott Hoen


(714) 270-9607

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