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Chairman Scott Hoen's Update - 6-23-21

Message from our Chairman Scott Hoen

I am looking forward to hearing Arvid Pasto’s presentation on the “Politics of Global Warming” tomorrow night, Thursday, June 24th. Registration and Networking begin at 6:30PM and we will start promptly at 7PM.

I attended Churchill County’s Lincoln Day Dinner last Saturday and listened to the Governor candidates introduce themselves. Sheriff Joe Lombardo was not at this meeting, but he will be in Carson City on Wednesday, June 30th at 11:30AM – 1:30PM for a meet and greet at the Casino Fandango. PLEASE come and meet Sheriff Lombardo and ask the difficult questions as you begin preparing to decide who to vote for Governor in 2022 – less than one year away! Appetizers and refreshments will be served compliments of their campaign.

We are making progress as a board to get things done. Election integrity is important to us and we are going to reach out to newly registered voters first and then build out our precinct organization. We must reach out to everyone and have a conversation. Let us know if you can help write a note, make a phone call, drop by their home and drop off our package that will help them with the election process in 2022.

Scott Hoen (775) 841-1800 Chair@CarsonCityRepublicans.com

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