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Chairman Scott Hoen's Update - 7-15-21

Message from our Chairman Scott Hoen

I am going to start breaking out my weekly blog to everyone as there is just too much to communicate in our weekly email and I want you to know or here what is going on here in Carson City.

Let’s discuss voter registration and understand what’s happening.

You can visit the Carson City Elections website and they post a summary of registered voters. The NON-Partisan has now become the 2nd largest group passing the Democratic Party and over time, they are most likely to pass the Republican party.

As of July 31, 2021:

  • Democratic 10,477 28.3%

  • NON- Partisan 11,621 31.5%

  • Republican 14,809 40.1%

  • Total 36,906

881 Voters registered in the first three months and 597 were NO Party!

1,176 Voters registered in the second quarter 2021 and 722 were NO Party!

We have to reach out to the NO Party registered voters and educate them on election integrity and provide them the tools to re-register to the party of their choice. We will reach out via a phone call, a handwritten note or even a door knock.

WOW – Department of Motor Vehicles

Thank you to PK O’Neill for connecting me to the Department of Motor Vehicles Julie Butler, Director of the NV DMV. I thought I was going to have a one-on-one meeting and Julie and she brought in 12 people to discuss the AVR process that the DMV has implemented. They took me downstairs to watch a citizen get a Driver’s License and the paperwork and online process they go through. They took me upstairs to review how all the mail in applications are handled and then discussed the online process.

They don’t have time to explain the process to every person but when they are through AND they want to register – they have to take the piece of paper, with their party selection, along with all the other application and receipt information they have, deposit it in the RED BOX near the exit as they leave. Then the DMV has to match those documents to the computer record before the data is transmitted to the City Clerk / Recorder every night.

A couple of things, applicants can OPT OUT of registering to vote and then everything stops and it is simply a drivers license application. Assuming they don’t check the box – and deposit in the RED BOX – most applicants select NO Party NOT KNOWING the consequences of registering NO PARTY – the DMV does not have time to educate them, it is not their responsibility to educate them as they are just complying with the law – Registering the voter is the role of the County Clerk / Recorder and they verify the computer transmitted record to officially register the voter.

Another fact—30% of all applications by mail get rejected and 20% of the 30% (6% get rejected just because of voting issues – they selected OPT OUT and then select a Party. They end up being returned to hopefully fix. It is a high percentage of issues the DMV has to contact the applicant with.

The bottom line – the DMV is complying with the law (AB432) and the process leads the majority down the path of registering NO Party – we have to educate those, WE MUST educate those with our new voter registration program of calling, emailing, texting, writing and yes – dropping something off the door. Ask your friends what party are they registered for. Check your voting registration status out by clicking here.

2024 will be VERY confusing as the Secretary of State is creating a system to allow voters to OPT OUT of receiving a mail ballot – people are going to get confused what they are OPT’ing out of – voter registration or receiving a ballot in the mail or both – we will see how it all plays out – we have to be at the top of our game and get those Republicans reregistered and to the polls in 2022 for success in Carson City.

Democrats, barring an election miracle, will continue to control both houses of the Nevada Legislature next year, especially after they redraw the district lines. If so, the ONLY way to stop them will be to elect a Republican governor who can and will veto all the bad, socialist bills that will once again ooze out of the legislative chamber in 2023. Meet and ask the difficult questions of the Republican Governor candidates as they come through Carson City in the next year and a half. We can’t pre-primary endorse but we can give those candidates a platform to inform our community what they stand for and how they are going to beat King Sisolak.

Many of you met Sheriff Joe Lombardo recently and we will have Joey Gilbert, and others, at our August 5th Ice Cream Social event -- Our Open House for the Carson City Republican Office. The Carson City Republican Party can not and will not endorse a candidate pre-primary and will give the candidate a platform to reach our audience.

We had a great meeting with the NV State GOP and NV RNC representatives at our Board meeting on Tuesday evening. The State and RNC are doing things to help us in Carson City. They have data resources that we are going to take advantage of at no cost! They are changing the mobile app from Advantage to Campaign Sidekick and it is easier to use, get data in and more importantly, get data out so we can tweak our efforts, our scripts and our focus.

We NEED your help and support to write notes, make calls, send emails, send texts and yes, door knock, to meet our neighbors and offer information of value regarding election integrity! Let us know if you want to get involved in making a difference in the 2022 election cycle.

Tell you family, neighbors and friends of our Battleborn Candidate college coming again this August. Those interested in running for office should check out the resources available. We need strong conservatives on our Local Board of Supervisors and School Board. Use the information to volunteer and serve on some local City Advisory Boards -- You CAN make a difference!

And Again – I can’t say it enough – thank you to every volunteer on the Board, those that work the office and work the precincts – we need more people to make calls, write letters, drop packages off and work the precincts – reach out to us and we will put you to work what you like to do.

Scott Hoen (775) 841-1800 Chair@CarsonCityRepublicans.com

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