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Chairman Scott Hoen's Update - 7-21-21

Message from our Chairman Scott Hoen

Good Morning!

IMPORTANT to take note -- We are NOT meeting this Thursday, tomorrow, July 22nd at the Casino Fandango. Our monthly member meeting is replaced by attending the Tuesday, July 27th Freedom Fest BBQ. We expect a big crowd at Glen Eagles starting at 5:30PM. Several of the Candidates for State Office will be present to meet and learn more where they stand on the issues. The event does cost $30 per person, with two thirds going to food and the other one third going to the Republican Women's Club and Carson City Republican Party. Buy a coin, participate in the 50/50 raffle or buy a live auction item -- support our groups as best you can.

Thursday, August 5th at 6PM is our Ice Cream Social - Open House at the Carson City Republican Office located at 1971 California Street. The flyer has been sent out via email and posted on Facebook with a long list of candidates that will be attending and speaking to the group assembled. Get to know our Volunteer staff and put your name in the hat to help as we ramp up for the 2022 elections.

Thursday, August 26th will be our next member meeting at the Casino Fandango. We will have a couple of speakers AND we need to elect another State Committeemen or Committeewoman to our Board. Rick Rowe who helped us with community outreach and voter registration will be missed as he moves to Florida. We NEED You! You must live in Carson City and be a member to run for the position and I would welcome your participation - email me privately if you have any interest in helping us with the direction of the Carson City Republican Party.

The 6th Annual Basque Fry is coming up Saturday, August 14th and we will bring the Carson City Republican Party Elephant to the event for pictures with the attendees. A good lineup to listen to if you can attend.

I am looking for ideas and input - please don't hesitate to share them with us. What should we do, what do you want us to do as the Republican Party here in Carson City? I know not everyone can attend the monthly meetings but please don't let that stop you from providing ideas. I am getting input and I really appreciate that so we can do better!

We need to avoid the noise and distractions and focus on our plan of re-registering No Party affiliated voters, increasing Republican 2022 turnout and getting more people involved with the Party to grow our Membership. Bring a family member, friend or neighbor to any of the events and participate - we would appreciate it.

Scott Hoen (775) 841-1800 Chair@CarsonCityRepublicans.com

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