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Chairman Scott Hoen's Update - 7-29-21

Message from our Chairman Scott Hoen

Good Afternoon -- Thank you to everyone who attended our Freedom Fest BBQ at Glen Eagles last night. The evening was successful raising money for the Carson City Republican Women and Republican Party I want to thank the Nevada Veterans Alliance for presenting our colors and Jesse Law, Clark County Chair, our National Anthem. Michele Fiore's address was timely and we appreciated her visit and contributions to our event. There were elected officials present along with those running for office in 2022 and we appreciate their attendance along with introductions as we all have to "ask the difficult questions of the candidates to make an informed choice in 2022". Thank you to all the volunteers with the Carson City Republican Party and Carson City Republican Women's Club -- their help organizing, setting up and making the evening a success is due to their efforts. Let's discuss the candidates running for office. Karen Fletcher, our Secretary, does a fantastic job with our website and email distribution list. On the website is a list of candidates running for office, as I know or aware of today. Click here. This list is NOT a Carson City Republican Party endorsement of the candidate but we always try to distribute information regarding Republican candidates so you have the opportunity to hear from them for yourselves. That brings me to our next event -- next Thursday, August 5th from 6PM to 8PM at our Carson City Republican Party office for our Ice Cream Social -- Open House. Again candidates for office will be there and please come to hear from them. Invite a family member, friend or neighbor to see our operation and hear from the candidates. I also want to give a shout out to the entire NV GOP Executive Committee. They always seem to show up and support our efforts with the RNC and the State helping the Carson City Republican Party. Lastly, we need your help with our new voter registration program and working our precincts here in Carson City. I have a link here that you can see all the areas we can use your assistance. We will be having a training session for all volunteers on how to use our new mobile application named Campaign Sidekick. This is a data application provided by the Nevada State GOP organization. The application allows volunteers to make calls AND not use your personal phone number when calling. This makes it easy to call (from home) all our New Voters registered, discussing election integrity and the implications of being registered as NO Party. The app will be used by our Precinct workers for knocking on doors as well. More information to follow. Here are the recent stats from the 2nd Quarter of Carson City voter registration:
  • Democrat Party. 135

  • Republican Party. 212

  • NO PARTY. 722 (We MUST have a conversation with about Primary 2022)

  • Independent Party. 39

  • Total Registered. 1176

Please put on your calendar our August Member meeting on the 4th Thursday (8/26) at the Casino Fandango -- 6:30PM. We are getting our speakers lined up for the evening but will also be electing ANOTHER State Committeeman / Committeewoman to replace someone that recently moved. Come and hear how they can assist our Party and please vote!

Scott Hoen (775) 841-1800 Chair@CarsonCityRepublicans.com

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