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Chairman Scott Hoen's Update - 8-25-21

Updated: Aug 29

Good Day!--

Things are happening and we are making progress everyday -- Susan Ruch had an excellent Precinct organization meeting this past Saturday. Precinct captains came together to learn from Joshua Skaggs how to door knock, register voters and overcoming objections. We learned a little about our Data platform and how to use Campaign Sidekick to reach out to their precincts either by knocking on doors or making a phone call. Please reach out to us if you would like to help knock on doors or just make calls from your home using our iOS or Android App.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our August Central Committee member meeting tomorrow, Thursday, August 26th. There are several items are on the agenda. We will be hearing from Dan Earp, CPRP, Recreation Superintendent from Carson City Parks and Recreation. We want to know what is happening with Carson City Government and we will be brining someone every month to tell us what is happening and offer you the ability to ask questions.

We also will have PK O'Neill, Nevada Assemblyman, District 40. PK will speak to his personal legislation introduced this past legislative session and discuss the Innovation Zone committee he serves on.

We will be voting on a State Committeemen opening and we want to name our Elephant that we bring to all our events where we can. The elephant was a hit at Basque Fry where everyone wanted to take a picture with him/her. PLEASE bring a family member, friend or neighbor to our meetings -- You don't have to join and come to the meetings just for good content and the ability to ask questions to be a better informed voter in June of 2022.

September will be busy - we are celebrating Constitution Week the week of September 13-17th ending up with a rally on September 17th. Tell your friends, neighbors and family members that they can drop by our office and get a FREE US Constitution booklet.

Our Mills Park celebration on Sunday, September 19th from 12PM Noon to 4PM is coming together. We will be serving hot dogs, chips and drinks and speaking about election integrity and registering voters. Recent voters that registered at the DMV don't realize that they may have registered as NO PARTY -- being registered as NO PARTY will prevent you to have a voice in the Primary election in June 2022. You must be registered in the Party of your choice in order to have a voice for one of those candidates in the Primary. We can help you check you status and help you re-register, if necessary.

We are also looking for volunteers to help us with the Nevada Day Parade float with the elephant. Please reach out to us using this link. We have a meeting Monday night, August 30th if you want to help us.

As always -- thank you so much to all the volunteers that work in the office or at our events to participate in our election process

Scott Hoen, Chairman


Cell (714) 270-9607

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