• Karen Fletcher


Election day is coming fast, and I hope everyone is getting busy getting ready for the big event. Our office here in Carson City has never been busier and there is no slowdown in sight. We appreciate our volunteers dealing with multiple phone calls and crowds of people in the lobby every day, all day from the second the door opens to when we close at night.

I am not sure how this Presidential race could get more exciting than the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. We support our President naming a replacement and look forward to the mental breakdown of our liberal friends when he/she is confirmed.

Below is list of debate dates, which should be good watching:

Sep 29, Tuesday - Biden and Trump, will be moderated by Fox News' Chris Wallace

Oct 7, Wednesday - Harris and Pence, will be moderated by Susan Page of USA Today

Oct. 9, Friday - Assembly District 40: Sena Loyd, P.K. O’Neill

Oct. 12, Monday - School District Trustee District 7: Joe Cacioppo, Joy R Trushenski; Board of Supervisors Ward 2: Maurice “Mo” White, Stacie Wilke-McCulloch

Oct. 13, Tuesday - Ballot Issues: Board of Regents, Recognize All Marriages, Pardons, Voter Rights, Energy

Oct 15, Thursday - Biden and Trump, moderated by Steve Scully of C-SPAN Networks

Oct. 16, Friday - Congressional District 2: Patricia Ackerman, Mark Amodei, Janine Hansen

Do not forget to join our gathering every Saturday in front of the Assembly. I assume the Democrats will be out in force trashing whoever the Supreme Court nominee is. It is a lot of fun for us seeing all the Trump supporters driving by.

Above is a flyer for Oct 3 MAGADrag Parade, which should be awesome! Speaking of parades, did everyone see the Amish parade for Trump, yes horse and buggy Trumped up? It was extremely fascinating, since normally the Amish do not even vote.

We are still looking for help; please stop by the office and see what yo

Paul Strasser