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| Chairman's Corner from Susan Ruch | January 30th, 2023

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January is ending, and with this, there seems to be a sense of optimism. There are days when I feel a wee bit of hope for our country. Therefore, we cannot let our guard down; the fight must continue with more enthusiasm. The 2024 Election seems far away, but it is not. Our goals at CCRP include finding quality, electable local candidates, addressing the voter roll maintenance, creating a plan of action for ballot harvesting, combatting unfavorable legislation, and much more. We need an army to accomplish our objectives; join us. We can utilize your skills and passion for saving our country and state.

The Carson City Republican Party has determined the 1st and the most pressing issue right now is the 82nd Legislative session starting February 6. With over 1,000 BDRs (Bill Draft Request), it is of utmost importance that we face this head-on. This session, the Democrats have control of the Assembly with a supermajority. We must help PK O'Neill, our Minority Leader in the Assembly. We do this by becoming Citizen lobbyists/activists. Most important is that we track the unfavorable legislation the Democrats are writing and moving through for a vote. We need to pressure the Assembly and Senate not to allow these bills to come out of committee. Ronald Reagan stated, "Freedom is never more than one generation away." I know you have the same frustrations, so please join us; there is much to do.

Now that you are motivated, these meetings will get you started. The Carson City Republican Party is offering the following programs to help in assisting with the Legislature: Sunday, February 5, from 2-4, we will be hosting Vidia Keller, Legislative Chair of the Nevada Republican Party, to discuss tracking the Legislature. Janine Hansen will explain how you can assist directly with the Legislature. We will share the information on a new program that will streamline how quickly you can contact the Assembly people and Senators with a tap of a button. CCRCC will have its own Legislative Chair, Lee Ruch, who will assist you with determining how you can help. We will meet in the Craft 55 Room in the Fandango from 2 PM to 4 PM. On February 6, we offer "Unpaid/Citizen Lobbyist" training with Janine Hasen at 4 PM at the Republican headquarters on California St. Janine has been a Citizen Lobbyist since 1971, bringing years of experience to our training. We request you call our office at 775-841-1800 to register for the class, as space is limited. What is most important is that you get involved.

The CCRP action items for the next election cycle will address the "voter rolls," relabeled "Voter Roll Maintenance." Education in Carson City is a concern. Therefore we will have a standing committee to address the issues. Our new Governor openly recommends "school vouchers”, with which most people can agree. With the 2024 election looming ahead, we need to have an action plan for "Ballot Harvesting," otherwise known as "Ballot Assitance." We now have a standing committee developing a process we will be using. The goal of CCRP is to stop "Rank Voting” from moving forward. As the Chairman of Carson City Republican Party, I want our Republican Party to be known as the “Party of Action”.

Our Lincoln Day Dinner on March 11, 2023, will be a fantastic evening. House of Representative Burgess Owens will be our keynote speaker. The tickets are available at our office and online at Eventbrite. We have several different categories of dinner tickets: VIP tickets, including dinner, purchasing a table for eight, guaranteeing you reserved seating, and our open seating tickets priced at $75 per person. Our silent auction items are lining up to be something for everyone. I am excited to see this evening evolve into a beautiful evening for all.

The weekend of January 14, the Nevada Republican Party held its Winter Meeting. The weekend is always informative and a time for the Rurals to stand together. I say this because we can make a difference if the Rurals vote as a voting block. The Rurals have stood with Sigal Chattel through the last election. The election for our state's National State Committeewoman took place that weekend. Pauline Lee, a very compelling candidate from Las Vegas, lost to Sigal. The people spoke from the rural counties. They wanted Sigal. A crucial fact was shared, in the 2022 election: more Republicans voted than Democrats in Nevada. This information demonstrates your hard work, which helped us elect a new Governor, Lt Governor, Treasurer, our Clerk-Recorder, Scott Hoen, and many other Republican candidates. We need to keep up the hard work.

There are tentative plans to hold an Alternative Education Expo later this spring/early summer. The details will be coming later this year. There is a need to share information with parents on the various options for education if they feel disappointed with the public education system. I have spoken to parents, and they do not know what the many options that are actually available to them are.

Did you know you can volunteer for a position with the City on various Committees? We will share the critical volunteer positions on our website with the descriptions and how to apply. It is essential to have our members fill these positions with conservative values. This information will be coming soon, so keep a lookout.

I want to thank everyone for your continued support. Over the next month, my schedule is crazy, so if you need to speak with me, please call 775 351-3917. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I look forward to seeing you at our Sunday meeting and our fabulous Lincoln Day Dinner. God Bless America and you.

Susan Ruch

"The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew and act anew." Written by Abraham Lincoln

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