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Corrected | Chairman's Corner from Susan Ruch | October 12th, 2023

Updated: Oct 14

The Republican National Committee held a Chairman’s Fly-In training for chairs around the country in Kansas City, Missouri, last week. I was truly fortunate to be asked to take part. The event took place over three days with engaging informative sessions on Election Integrity, Technology, Bank Your Vote, and much more. I thank Michael McDonald for putting my name forward for this Fly-In. I am excited to be able to implement suggested ideas to aid in growing the party and winning in 2024. Fortunately, we have implemented some activities, such as information booths, a voter registration committee, and our welcome wagon program, through the hard work of our volunteers. The RNC has endless amounts of data to be shared with every state to help with all the angles for winning the 2024 election. I returned home with renewed enthusiasm and hope for our future.

Bank the Vote was an important idea presented in Kansas City. We will be discussing this strategy in detail over the next year. We must always look back at strategies and decide what went right and wrong, especially with the 2022 election. I am a confirmed Republican who likes to vote on Election Day. In the 2022 election, I worked the Polls; if you all remember, we had a snowstorm. There were so many people in line at the community center waiting to vote when my shift was finished I worried that I would not be able to vote. Of course, that didn’t happen, but I realized if I was going to work the polls and take a shift with our Republican Booth outside, I needed to vote early. Thinking back, how many people didn’t vote because of the snow? Bank Your Vote is a pledge to vote early, not necessarily two weeks early but a week early. There is a solid rationale for this. We can track who has voted and who has not. By voting early, we can track down voters who have not voted. In addition, we will only need to text people who have not voted, saving money overall and being more direct. Our fantastic Clerk-Recorder, Scott Hoen, only won by 206 votes. Scott worked night and day to win his election. Stacie Wilkes-McCulloch, Scott’s opponent, hid in the basement like Biden and hardly did any campaigning, but George Soros backed her. In reviewing her donations, it shows no funds coming from his organizations. Asked how she was aided; it was nonstop text messaging from George Soros’s Open Democracy Pac texting Democrats urging them to vote for Stacy. Dark Money is coming into our State because it is legal. Therefore, we need to be more innovative and aggressive in getting out the vote. All Republicans must vote, all hunters need to vote, all people of faith must vote, no sitting out this election. Please go to the NVGOP website and Bank Your Vote. Honestly, it’s now or never. Get Involved – Nevada Republican Party ( Signing up on the NVGOP site makes it easier to see when you voted. We can use our resources to track down voters who need to vote and utilize text messages to encourage Republicans closer to election day. We will use the process during the June Primary and the November General Election. Please Pledge to Vote Early.

We now have seen all the horrific atrocities that have occurred in Israel. The Hamas’ are a terrorist organization that has taken over the Gaza Strip. American Citizens need to wake up to our wide-open borders. It has been reported that terrorists have been caught at the border; how many terrorists have escaped into our country? In my last Chairman’s Corner, I mentioned one solution to have all the young men who have been allowed to invade our country since 2022 removed under the Alien and Sedition Acts. I am repeating this consideration because I believe this idea needs to take traction. The idea was floated by Donald Trump, who must have a brilliant team of people aiding him. Unfortunately, five portions of the “Alien and Sedition Acts” have expired. Fortunately, the Alien Enemies Act is still in effect. Under this law, the President could authorize the arrest, relocation, or deportation of any non-citizen male living in the United States who is 14 years or older. With what has occurred in Israel, we must have concerns for our country. Dearborn, MI, is more than 30% Muslim. We have large numbers of young men crossing our border from Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Ethiopian Shabaab, and gang members of the Cartel. We need to develop a plan to reestablish our Country's sovereignty. Biden has created a disaster with his open border policy, and I believe the Alien Enemies Act is a step in the right direction.

On a much happier note, our Christmas Party on December 9th will be exceptional. We will hold the Christmas Dinner at the Governor’s Mansion from 5 to 8 PM. You will be served a beautiful dinner catered by A Catered Affair. We will have a no-host bar offering a holiday Champaign Cocktail. There will be music and time for dancing; of course, Santa Claus will visit. This is our first time at the Mansion, but I am told the room will be beautifully decorated. The tickets will be available for purchase soon, and you will be the first to know.

Campaign season is upon us, so door-knocking, we start. In the past, many of you offered to work/walk precincts. On November 4th, we will be doing our first walk of this election season. We will be walking and talking to Republicans to discuss the Caucus, banking your vote, and other valuable information. We must educate our Republican party. Please call our office and sign up. We will walk from 1 to 4 PM in teams of people. Please call 775 841-1800. Snacks and water will be provided to the walkers.

Carson City Republicans will be Caucusing on February 8th in the Casino Fandango ballroom from 5 to 8 PM. All Carson City Republicans are invited to take part. Misinformation is being spread, so please call our office if you have questions. *All residents of Carson City who are Republicans 30 days before the Caucus are invited to participate. *You will need to show your ID twice. Once at check-in, you will receive a slip of paper showing you are checked as a Republican and will include your precinct number. *You will then go directly to your Precinct table (tables will be numbered). There, you will show your ID again and receive your Presidential Ballot. *We will hold our precinct meeting simultaneously to voting for the Presidential Candidate of your choice, so a Chair for your precinct must be chosen quickly. *It is essential to understand that you do not have to participate in the Precinct Meeting or Caucus. You can vote for the Presidential Candidate and Leave. Once you choose a Presidential Candidate, deposit this ballot in the locked ballot box at your precinct table. The Ballots will be counted at each Precinct Table at the end of the evening, with all eyes on them. *At your precinct table, you will also be given a form to write any ideas you want to see become part of the City, State, and National Republican Platforms. In the Caucus, there will be numerous people to aid in the entire process. You do not need to remember all these details. All Republicans will receive a wasted sample ballot and mail-in ballot issued by the State for the Presidential Preference Primary to be held on February 6. Many people will be confused as Trump, Ramaswamy, and Burgum have agreed to participate only in the Caucus. The State-Run Presidential Preference Primary election is non-binding and will not be considered in the Republican Party Caucus. You will find the following people on the State-Run Presidential Preference Primary Ballot: John Castro, Heath Fulkerson, Mike Pence, and Stephen Leon. Don’t waste your time. We ask that you only participate in the Nevada Caucus on February 8 from 5 to 8 p.m.

*It is your responsibility to ensure you are registered as a Republican. If you have done any business with the DMV this year or next, double-check to ensure you have not been moved to the NON-Party affiliation. It happens often, so please check before the end of December. We cannot address this issue at the Caucus, and you cannot vote if the records do not list you as a Republican.

Last weekend, we had a booth at the October Fest at the Casino Fandango. We enjoyed talking with great people who stopped by our booth. Over the weekend, we registered 14 Republicans. We must keep this up; the non-party is now Carson's most significant number of voters. All the people we spoke to were pleased that our party would be holding the Caucus.

I want to thank everyone for your continued support. We need all of you and are grateful to the people who volunteer. We are a fun group of conservatives, always looking for more committed people to join our family. You are welcome to call me if you have any questions. 775 351-3917

God Bless America, Nevada, Carson City, Israel, and you. Stand Strong, everyone, and never surrender.

Susan Ruch, Chairman

“The government should be afraid of the people; the people shouldn't be afraid of the government.”― Edward Snowden, Permanent Record.

If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools. Plato

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