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| Chairman's Corner from Susan Ruch | May 8th, 2023

Updated: May 10

Many people involved in politics within our area have concerns with voters. It feels as though there is much apathy, or do the voters need to realize we have three elections next year in 2024? On February 6, 2024, we will hold a presidential preference primary. We can thank the Dems for this change in our election. Please let this sink in; we will have a primary for the President in February, a primary for all the other candidates in June, and then the general election in November. Each primary will be held like a regular election with the Sample Ballot, Mail-in-Ballot, Poll Workers, Poll Watchers, and all the other costs incurred with an election. We stated, “This election is the most important” for all past elections. This 2024 election is the most important. We cannot afford one person to sit out this election cycle and need everyone to be involved. Voters need to understand that we are a closed primary here in Nevada. In this process, you must register with a party to vote. Yes, this is fair because we are a two-party country. If you wish to be involved in the primary process, you must select the party of choice for you. After the primaries, you can easily change to Non-Party or whatever you want to identify as a Voter.

I am concerned there is a 3rd party calling themselves the “No Party” attempting to be on our ballot this coming election cycle. They have collected enough signatures to be placed on the ballot. Many people believe this is a great idea. Have you heard the saying, if you do not know your history, you are doomed to repeat it? Look at the 1992 election with Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton. Ross Perot entered the election as an independent. He did not win one state but took 19% of the votes. There is the question of whether he cost Bush the election, depending on whom you talk to. By voting for a 3rd party, you are throwing your vote away. You must vote for one of the two parties, Democrat or Republican, the party with the values you most align with. Otherwise, you are throwing your vote away.

Every day we hear the Biden regime call our country a democratic society or a democracy. We need to educate ourselves; they are slowly programming U.S. citizens to believe our form of government in the U.S. is a democracy. We are a Republic; our forefathers had the brilliance to understand the difference between Democracy and Republic. Our Constitution does not mention Democracy once in the entire document. The world has five types of governments: Monarchy, Oligarchy, Democracy, Republic, and Anarchy.

In a monarchy, one person rules, such as a King, Queen, or Dictator. A group close to the dictator is part of the control; therefore, one person is not in power. A new term we frequently heard with Obama was his Czars. Does that give you a clue about what he thought of his position as President, Monarch? In anarchy, no one controls, and everyone must protect themselves. With this chaos, the populous eventually looks for leaders to bring peace, and ultimately an Oligarchy government emerges, such as Lennon and Hitler. The people who started the chaos stopped the chaos, i.e., the Biden regime. The Greeks determined that without law, there could be no freedom. What is an Oligarchy government? Oligarchy is a group that rules and is the most common form of government today. Democracy comes from two Greek words, demos, meaning people, and kratein to rule. Democracy means the rule of the people, the majority rules. The issue with democracy is that the majority rules, so if the majority can be persuaded, they can take your home, children, or business. There is no restraint to protect you of your rights to the freedoms we are accustomed to in America. Our forefathers chose Republic as our form of Government. Republic comes from the Latin words Res translating to the thing, and Publica translating to the public, which means the Law. The Government is limited and leaves the people alone. Our rights are not subject to majority rule; this is the essence of a Republic. This information comes from “The American Form of Government” on YouTube. Please watch and share.

We hosted our First Friday at the Feisty Goat on E. Long Street Friday night. We had a great turnout with some new friends. We had a visit from our Assemblyman P.K. O’Neill, who always takes questions from his constituents. You need to experience Legislative sessions to understand what occurs. The Legislature is the people’s house; you are welcome to attend. I am thankful to P.K. and all other Republican Assembly and Senators who sit there daily being forced to listen to the absurdity of Socialist Democrats. These Assemblymen and Senators have worked for us on State, not Federal, issues for five months. We may not always like how they vote, but they operate under extreme opposition and are willing to be there for us. I ask you to be respectful of our Representatives when they are willing to speak to us; the reality is that they don’t have to. As a reminder, Nevada Policy Institute rated P.K. O’Neill in the 2021 Legislative Session at 94.1% as one of the most Conservative Assembly Representatives. CCRP is grateful for his hard work.

Be sure to join us for our next First Friday; the location will be announced soon. You never know who is going to stop by. I appreciate your support of our First Fridays.

Our Alternative School Expo is on June 8th, from 6 to 9 PM, will be held in the ballroom of the Casino Fandango. We have Legacy Christian School, Bethlehem Lutheran School, I School, Assistance with Home Schooling, Discussion on Creating a Home School Pod, and more. The cost to attend is a $5.00 donation per person. Our Children need to receive a good education. They are the future of our country.

We are always looking for volunteers for our office. The shifts are 3 hours long. I find it very enjoyable as everyone in our office is interesting, and as one person said, “We are like a big family.” We need teams of people for voter registration as well. You can visit our website to sign up for volunteering or stop by the office and fill out a volunteer card. We are nine months away from our first Presidential Primary.

The office now has caps, flags, and other campaign items. Memorial Day weekend, we will have a booth at the Rib Fest with campaign items and information on all the critical issues. Please stop by and see us. CCRP will be marching with the Douglass County Republican Party in the Carson Valley Day Parade in solidarity. We will have a booth at the Basque Fry on June 17. If you still need to get your tickets, be sure to do so and stop to say hello.

The CCRP is very busy with much going on. Please check out our website often; we promote ways to get involved and activities. Remember our membership meeting that is open to everyone and is on the 4th Thursday of every month. Socializing starts at 6:30, and at 7 PM, the meeting starts with guest speakers. As your Chairman, I am usually in the office Monday mornings and Thursday afternoons. I apologize now; I am swamped, so please call the office at 775 841-1800 to confirm I am there if you wish to see me. As always, complaints, please, have a suggestion. Remember, we are a Republic, Constitutional Moderates.

God Bless America, Nevada, Carson City and you.

Susan Ruch, Chair

“Our "The greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas Edison.

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