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| Chairman's Corner from Susan Ruch | September 17th, 2022

Updated: Sep 17

We are weeks away from the most important election of our time. Looking back, it appears we state this for each election. I guarantee this election is the defining moment for our state and our country. The Democrats pull together consistently better than Republicans. This is an enigma for GOP as we are free-thinking citizens while the Dems are sheeple who fall in line and vote for the winners of the Democratic primary. I am writing today to appeal to the sensibility of voters who do not want another four years of Governor Sisolak. The reality of politics in the United States is that we are a two-party political system. Ross Perot entered the Presidential election in 1992 as an Independent and won 19% of the popular vote. The election was won by Bill Clinton who won 43% of the popular vote and defeated George Bush, Sr. who was the incumbent. Bush won only 37% of the popular vote. Perot gave Clinton the win by siphoning off 19% of the popular vote. Perot then attempted to start a 3rd party named, The Reform Party. Perot then entered the Presidential race in 1996 with his new party. In this race he only won 8% of the popular vote, Bob Dole won 41% and Bill Clinton the incumbent won 49%. Lessons learned by Ross Perot in 2000 when he distanced himself from the Reform Party and backed George Bush, Junior who won the Presidential race. As you can see the Democrats always vote for their Democratic Candidate and Republicans are voting with their hearts and minds which has caused us to lose races. I am sharing this information with you because I love my adopted state, Nevada, and the United States of America. My fellow Nevadans you must try and see the big picture if you want a Big Red Wave. All of you who are reading this, know we are a swing state therefore we must keep our state RED. We will do this only if we vote as a solid RED Voting Bloc. There can be no exceptions. We all had our favorite candidates but moving forward we have to replicate the Democrats and vote as a solid RED Ticket. This is the only way to save our state and by doing so we save the United States of America. Sheriff Lombardo is an opportunity for Republicans to gain the power of the veto. I ask, “what alternative do we have”? If you do not vote, or you do not vote for Joe Lombardo, then it’s a vote for the Democrats and a Vote for Sisolak. I have been told the Liberal Legislatures at this time are busy writing heinous legislation for this upcoming 2023 Legislative Session. Ask yourself, “do you think Steve Sisolak will Veto any of this legislation that comes to his desk?” This will be his last term and he does not care about the long-term effects on the citizens of Nevada. Please think and understand that these new laws will destroy Nevada for your Children and Grandchildren- look at the big picture. We desperately need Joe Lombardo to be elected because he has VETO POWER. If we elect Jim Merchant as Secretary of State, Sigal Chattah as NV Attorney General, Stavros Anthony as Nevada Lt. Governor, and Adam Laxalt we will be a powerhouse, and they will make sure Joe Lombardo is a solid Red Republican Governor. With this food for thought, consider the consequence and Vote Red all way. Be a hero for Nevada and the United States and vote for our slate card which includes Joe Lombardo! Once more, we need walkers to hand out our slate cards and phone bankers. Phone Bankers will be calling to get the VOTE OUT. I am so grateful for the people who have volunteered to make phone calls. We now have a full staff volunteering in our office which is opened 10 AM to 4 PM every Monday thru Friday and Saturday 10 to 2 PM. We have all of your political yard signs and more. We are always looking for more volunteers; you can find the application on our website: www.CarsonCityRepublicans.com. We now have a QR code on all of our flyers and pamphlets that takes you right to our website as well. Another way to assist with GETTING THE VOTE OUT is to stop by the office on California Street and pick up packets of 5 Slate Cards (you may take more) which include other important information. Hand them to family members and friends to encourage them to vote - especially the ones who are on the fence. If we can each get 10 people to vote we have a victory. We must get every Republican out to vote this election and this is one way you can help. We invite you to join our General Meeting which is held on the 4th Thursday of every month starting at 6:30 in the Fandango Ballroom. I am going to repeat myself and ask you to vote on Election Day, November 8. Please do not vote early. We need to send a message that the voters do not want 2-week early voting. By having 2-week early voting in the corrupt areas of the state, it gives the leftists time to stuff unsecured Ballot Boxes. This will primarily be happening in Reno and in Las Vegas. Aubrey Rowlatt, our Clerk Recorder, is diligent at working to assure everyone that we are having fair elections here in Carson City. To fully understand what illegally occurs with the ballot boxes you must watch “2,000 Mules” which you can borrow for a week from our office. With this information please do not vote early, wait until November 8th election day. Upcoming Events: · Our 2nd Annual Ice Cream Social on September 30th from 5 to 8 PM. Famous root beer floats, ice cream cones, speakers, and one of our favorite musicians, Catfish Carl will be playing music. This event is at the Republican Headquarters at 1971 California Street. · Air Show Douglass County, October 1-2 we will have a shared booth with Douglass County Central Committee. · First Friday, October 7, 6 to 8 PM will be a Food Truck Event with games, music, and lots of fun. This will be held behind the Nugget on Stewart Street. · October Fest October 21 to the 23rd, we will be at the Fandango with a booth and Lincoln our Elephant. We always are looking for volunteers for events, so please let us know which one interests you. Early voting will be here before we know it. For every election, we have a Republican Booth at the polls to help people who do not know who to vote for at the last minute, so we hand out our slate cards. Our Central Committee needs volunteers to assist with the booth. The shifts are 3 hours long. Simply call the office and a volunteer will sign you up for a shift that is needed. Thank you for your continued support. My office hours are from 10-2 on Mondays and 2 to 5 on Thursdays, and I would love to hear from you. God Bless Carson City, Nevada, United States of America, and you, Susan Ruch, Chairman One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics, is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.Plato

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