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Updated: May 6





Opinion   May 2, 2024--For Those in the Know.

It is now May, and we are wondering what this summer will bring and what evil will be thrown at us this 2024 Election year.  Personally, summer is my favorite season, but unfortunately, a deep concern lingers as to what evil will occur. Several years ago, we had to endure the Summer of Love with Black Lives Matter, which didn’t give a hoot about black people.  Antifa and other activists were tearing down our cities for the sole reason of destroying our way of life, all in the name of Marxism.  Numerous articles declare that this summer will be the “Summer of Pro Palestine.” 

These acts of violence are just reasons to destroy our cities and universities, all in the name of saving Palestine, which is a total fallacy.  George Soros is one of the benefactors financially supporting these terrorists on our campus. Most of the people camping out are not students.  Once more, these people don’t care about Palestine; their goal is to destroy our way of life. They hope to disrupt college campuses and influence our youth.  Governor Abbott was a role model for all states; he did not allow these activists to embed themselves on Texas’s college campuses.  The University of Arizona took matters into their own hands; the Frat Boys (real men) dismantled the Palestine activists on their own while the police backed them up by standing there and watching. Georgia has also done the same, stopping these protesters from taking over their college campuses.   

I blame the ignorance on our campuses on the politicized media, the Biden Regime, and the Marxist professors who are not sharing the truth about the war between Israel and Palestine. The press has never ultimately shared what occurred in Israel and the atrocities that occurred on October 7, 2023.  I listened to a young woman being interviewed at NYU to protest for Palestine who didn’t truly understand why she was protesting. She and her friend were told to go, and they were just there. She came from a university that costs $75,000 a year, Columbia. She did not fully understand who they were protesting for.  I am sure she did not know about the atrocities that occurred in Israel.  She doesn’t realize that if Hamas were in charge, she would not be able to get an education, and Sharia Law would direct her. I’m sure she doesn’t know that under Sharia Law, she would be a baby-making machine, a cook, and a bottle washer. Her life would be over as she knows it. She was protesting for an ideology that would destroy her life: absurdity.  How about the alphabet people protesting for Palestine/Hamas, another absurdity?  Isis once said they would take the Gay Romans and throw all of them off the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  Too bad they didn’t know their geography. But still, that is what ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, and Hamas think about the alphabet people.  And yet we have gay people and trans people out there protesting for Hamas and the Palestinians.  People forget that the Palestinians voted Hamas in to govern them, and this is what they get. 


I just discovered our senators, including Senator Rosen, watched a horrific video released by Hamas.  This video shows Hamas terrorists celebrating their appalling acts of inhumane violence. I did not watch it; I read the attached article about our senators who watched the video in a meeting.   I don’t need to; I already hear the screaming and crying of women and babies being tortured.  I have attached the article and video for you.  DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO IF YOU WILL BE TRAUMATIZED, but understand that your government and media did not want you to see this.  They do not want you to sympathize with Israel.  This is what our Senator Jackie Rosen had to say: “It’s important to bear witness in real-time,” Rosen told a small group of reporters outside the viewing. “Sometime in the future, we’ll go, there’ll be a museum, a memorial, another Yad Vashem or Holocaust Museum. Just like we do, and we honor those who’ve died, whether it’s in war or conflict or from terror, but by then, it will be sanitized, and memories will no longer be gone. We must see it now in real time because Hamas has vowed to repeat this day over and over, over and over, and there were over 1,000 people massacred."

Do you hear Jackie Rosen standing up for Israel? No, she is not.  Senator Chuck Schumer is Jewish, and I do listen to him stepping up for the Jewish people.  If you want to read or watch the harrowing video, copy and paste the link below into your browser. The article with the video will appear. Once more, the video is in real-time horror during Hamas’s attack on October 7, which your Biden Administration does not want you to see.  You can just read the article if you wish to without watching the video.                                                                                                                      

My writing about this is due to the fear we Americans do not understand the fact that Hamas is here, right now, in our country.  Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood hate Jews, they hate Christians, and they hate “Our Way of Life.”  51% of Democrats believe we need mass deportation.  At this point, every American must be on the lookout for strange behavior; remember, “See something, say something.” 

We have an office here in Carson City of Homeland Security.  I will have a Homeland Security speaker speak to us, but surprise, they are swamped, but I am working on it. 

The Good News is that everyone in this bubble knows much of this in some detail. More importantly, we cannot forget what occurred on October 7, 2023, and allow the media to Whitewash it, use smoke and mirrors, and gaslight us.  The atrocities happened; it is almost as tragic as the Holocaust in 1939; the evilness in the attack is the same horror, if not worse, because it occurred in 2023.  If you do not know your history, you're doomed to repeat it.                                 

We are the future of America.  I am proud to be standing tall with all of you.  Slowly, the information is leaking out.  Many of our young men (unfortunately faster than the women) are waking up now and becoming real men who will fight for the glory of our country.


We must get every Republican in Carson City to vote. No, sitting out this election.  Statistics reveal that there are about 3,000 Republicans in Carson City who may sit out and not vote.  Proudly, the CCRP is already getting prepared to lower that number substantially by Chasing Ballots during the early voting weeks of the General Election.  We were challenged to collect $1,500 in donations by June 1st for paid ballot chasers.  We are closing in on that amount. We have approximately $1,100 collected from very generous donors.  If we meet the challenge, our donor will match the amount, giving us $3,000 for paid ballot chasers; that could be you if you're interested.  We must get Donald J. Trump back into office. You can help the cause by donating money, making calls, walking neighborhoods, volunteering in our friendly, fun office, and more. We proudly added five new State Committee Members to our board who are enthusiastic and are already chairing committees. We are always grateful when people stop by our office to talk; don’t be strangers. We are all in this together.

Many CCRP Members will be traveling to Lake Tahoe's south shore this coming weekend for the State Convention at the new Tahoe Blue Convention Center. It promises to be an inspiring weekend.  We all will decide on the delegates representing Nevada at the National Convention in Milwaukee, July 15-18. Exciting things will be taking place.

Thank you for your continued support; I greatly appreciate it. You are always welcome to call me directly: 775 351-3917. 

God Bless America, Nevada, Carson City, and You                                                                                         

Your Chairman, Susan Ruch

Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves, and the only way they could do this is by not voting.”      

                                                               Franklin D. Roosevelt, Former U.S. President

“But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.”                         John Adams         




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