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Copy of Chairman Scott Hoen's Update - 5-26-21

Message from our Chairman Scott Hoen

First of all - Thank you to EVERYONE that is making the calls, texts and emails to our Nevada Legislature. You may think it doesn’t matter — IT DOES. Please keep up the effort on those bills that affect you most. I realize you can’t make comment on every one but pick a few that are most important.

Join us tomorrow Thursday, May 27 at the Casino Fandango for our Republican Party meeting. As your new Chairman, I am going to change it up a little to engage with everyone and build our membership as we head into the 2022 campaigns. We are going to have two NEW components — a fifteen minute comment period limited to three minutes each to interact with everyone on a positive note. We are also bringing back “what is happening with our City” and our first speaker is Maurice White, Board of Supervisor and State Committeemen for our Party.

I look forward to discussing with you our outreach efforts for new voters and precinct organizing.

The Nevada GOP continues to put out good information and please pay attention to their efforts. One such effort is their Candidate School starting in June - If you or your friends are interested in running - shoot me an email and let’s discuss.

Scott Hoen


(714) 270-9607

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