• Karen Fletcher

Chairman Scott Hoen's Update - 5-4-21

Updated: May 14

Message from our Chairman Scott Hoen

Thank you again for electing me as your Chairman and putting a team in place to work through the current Nevada Legislative issues. One example of a difficult choice for Republicans is SB177 - increasing a the Marriage License fee by $25 for an excellent reason - to fund domestic violence programs. No one argues the funding is important but not necessarily from the raising of fees. There are probably other funding mechanisms that could be explored rather than just increase the fee. Let us know how you stand on the issue. Please participate where you can and how you can. Make calls, send emails and voice your opinion - we try to send you current information you can take action on and IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE when you voice your opinion on record. I am looking forward to meeting with our Board next Tuesday, May 11th at 6:30PM — Visitors are always welcome to listen at our office.

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