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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Republicans Eject Tarkanians From Committee

GARDNERVILLE, NV – August 11, 2022 – The Douglas County Republican Central Committee removed Danny and Amy Tarkanian’s memberships tonight. Mr. Tarkanian promoted voting for Nevada State Treasurer candidate Zach Conine while Ms. Tarkanian endorsed Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford and Treasurer Conine.

The Tarkanians voluntarily joined our Committee at the Douglas County Convention earlier this year, agreeing to follow our Douglas County Republican Central Committee Bylaws and elect Republicans. More than 110,000 Republican primary voters chose Sigal Chattah and Michele Fiore to carry our Republican brand into office November 8th.

Since she was asked to resign as Nevada Republican Party Chair eleven years ago, after just seven months in office, Ms. Tarkanian has not been involved in any Republican Party planning, fund raising, events, and absolutely no strategy. Neither Tarkanian has substantial connection to Nevada Republican politics.

Ms. Tarkanian’s support for the corrupt Nevada Attorney General, Democrat Aaron Ford, is revealing. Rather than honor his oath of office, AG Ford stood silent for Governor Sisolak’s unconstitutional, ineffective, and abusive lockdown that destroyed Nevada’s economy, significantly damaging the lives of hard-working Nevadans.

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