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  • Karen Fletcher

Join Our Membership and Help Us Ramp Up for 2022 and 2024!!

We are all very disappointed with the election results and unfair media coverage. We meed to turn our energy now to the future so we can come back strong and united!

-Join the conversation by joining our membership.

  1. Any qualified Republican elector in Carson City, Nevada, who is prepared to support the mission and purpose of the Republican Party and its candidates, is eligible for consideration for membership in the CCRCC by election. Elections shall be held after the prospective member has attended two (2) out of three (3) consecutive CCRCC meetings. Once elected, voting members serve until the next county convention.

  2. Participation at a volunteer activity may be counted as an attendance.

  3. The president of the Carson City Republican Women and any other Republican organization active within Carson City may be invited to membership in the CCRCC.

-Run for one of the open CCRCC Executive Board positions at the April election. We have open positions for Chairman, First Vice Chairman, Second Vice Chairman, Third Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, and two State Committeemen.

2021 is an import year for us to track legislation changes as our Legislature will be in session. We want to stem the tide of progressive Democrat changes to our State. We are putting together a communication plan so that we can share the most current information about the bills with all of you in our emails, website, and other social media.

2022 will be a major ramp up for the 2022 election and we will need all your support.

Send us your feedback at

Join our social media.

Thank you!

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