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Meet with Drew McKissick Co-Chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC) at the Annual Lincoln Day Dinner

Updated: Jan 11

The "Grand Old Party" is proud to present guest speaker Drew McKissick, co-chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC), at this year's event. He also serves as State Chairman for the South Carolina Republican Party.  Mr. McKissick also specializes in political strategy,  planning, and organization, as well as the development of grassroots lobbying-related political action programs.

A conservative political activist and author with over thirty years of experience in grassroots politics and a passion for teaching others how the system works and how to become effective.  He also writes a bi-weekly column providing analysis and commentary on current events. He has written numerous specialty publications dealing with various aspects of political education, organization, and lobbying and published commentary on current political and social issues. 

$60 per person includes an elegant dinner at Casino Fandango's Ballroom. $130 a ticket includes a V.I.P. Cocktail Reception where you'll also have the opportunity to meet and talk with Mr. McKissick.

Seating is limited, avoid disappointment by purchasing your ticket early.

Available online through Eventbrite (click the link below)

Or stop by Republican Headquarters 1971 California St., Carson City to purchase them in person by cash or check. 

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