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Nevada GOP Weekly Updates

Updated: May 3, 2022

Nevada Victory Update:

I wanted to start off by welcoming ANOTHER new staffer to the NV Victory team, our new AAPI (Asian American & Pacific Islander) Regional Engagement Director, Michele Barnes! She’s been a staple in the Republican efforts in Las Vegas for years and we’re happy to have her onboard to lead the efforts in the community, welcome @Michele Barnes - Political!

The team has diversified our efforts in the field to capture new and unique new Republicans to our side of the voter rolls, this last week, we hosted multiple voter registration drives at local gas stations across the valley and will continue to do so in the coming weeks. On the east side of Las Vegas, we even had a Latino women switch parties from Democrat to Republican and give an interview in Spanish right after! (highlights below)

As well, the team registered over a dozen new students across six different campus’ this week! We will be hosting campus voter registrations every week leading into summer break.

Lastly, the team orchestrated a demonstration against Biden’s radical liberal activist nominee Judge KBJ. We encouraged Catherine Cortez Masto to vote NO on his nominee. Here’s the highlights.




We encourage you to help us grow our activity in your community! Please go to to sign up for an upcoming voter registration event, or reach out to me directly with ways for us to expand the Republican efforts ahead of our June primary.

Weekly Field Highlights






Candidate filing in the state has Closed! For the final updates on who has filed, you can go to to get all the updates! This is a great third party group I introduced you all to last week and it’s definitely worth a visit.

NV Democrats in Disarray: The last few weeks have been tough for Democrats in Nevada, here’s a few articles and talkers you may have missed.

  • Rep. Horsford’s Wife Ends Silence About His Extramarital Affair


  • Boosting the Latino base across Nevada as election day nears


  • Civiqs Biden approval in Nevada at 36%


Lastly, with the Primary vastly approaching, a quick reminder that if you’re a club, county party, or candidate, you have access to the a state of the art RNC data system that we offer to all Republicans up and down the ticket, please reach out to me if you want to schedule a training!


Here’s some articles you may have missed:

  • At forum, Republican candidates are critical of commerce tax, Nevada public schools


  • Crowded races, some surprises at close of Nevada candidate filing


  • Harry Reid's People, Former staffers trained by the late Nevada senator have carried his legacy into the public and private sectors


  • Nevada Latinos take center stage in midterms as electorate grows, shifts


  • Judge Rules To Remove Tax Hike Petitions From 2022 Ballot


  • Washoe County rejects return to paper ballots, hand counting


Staff Contact List:

The RNC Election Integrity Team needs volunteer Poll Watchers for the Primary Election. Poll Watching during the Primary Election allows us to improve our operations ahead of the General Election so that we can successfully secure Republican votes and turn Nevada RED.

Poll Watchers are the First Line of Defense​ and a part of a coordinated system to quickly detect, mitigate, and document unintentional or intentional election-related disruptions that arise during the registration, voting, and counting periods. ​Our goal is to ensure a fair and open process where every person who is legally entitled to vote has the opportunity to cast ONE ballot and have that ballot counted properly. ​

The RNC has identified several target Assembly districts and senate districts that are vital to the Election Integrity process in 2022.

Election Integrity is the #1 issue for the majority of Nevada voters going into the 2022 elections. If your campaign or organization wants to be a part of the solution and host an Election Integrity Training, please reach out to Alex Watson at or (714) 887 – 9698 to get one scheduled before the Primary Election

We are always looking to expand our Election Integrity Operation. If you know someone that might be interested in helping us secure the polls during the primary and general elections please have them fill out this form Primary Security Polling Location Volunteer Form - so that we can get them plugged into the program as soon as possible.

Here’s our updated Cycle to Date numbers including our Election Integrity efforts:

Cycle to Date - Toplines

Doors: 260,274

Phones: 389,678

Voter Registrations: 695

Petitions: 2,587

1:1s: 1,976

Team Meetings: 176

RLI Trainings: 273

RLI Fellows: 1,879

Volunteers Recruited: 1,860

Volunteers Engaged: 6,464

Neighborhood Teams: 33

Election Integrity CTD Toplines

Stakeholder Meetings: 334

New Volunteer Recruits: 1,341

NTLs Confirmed: 4

NTLs In Progress: 11

RLI Fellows Trained: 209

RLI Trainings Held (includes those administered to friends and family): 97

Training Attendees: 924

1:1s: 381

See you all in the field!


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Greetings from the Nevada Republican Party!

Candidate filing has come to a close in the state of Nevada, and we have BIG NEWS to share:

For the first time EVER, there is a Republican running in every race in the state - federal, statewide, Assembly, Senate, and every partisan race in Clark and Washoe counties have a proud Republican candidate in the mix! Chairman McDonald made a strategic investment in candidate recruitment and training for the past 18 months, and we are thrilled to see these efforts brought to fruition.

A big thanks to our partner, the Assembly Republican Caucus! We recruited directly for State Senate seats left vacant, and we were happy to cover the filing fees for 8 candidates in uncontested races.

As we head into Primary Season, oral interviews are starting for the pre-primary endorsement process. If you haven’t received information to schedule or haven’t opted in yet, please email

Upcoming: The Nevada Republican State Convention will be held April 29th and 30th at Palace Station in fabulous Las Vegas, NV!

Finally, when you’re ready to start knocking doors and making calls, get onboard with the best-in-the-nation voter contact application, Campaign Sidekick. The NVGOP covers the full cost of doors and phone minutes for Republican candidates!

  • Campaign Sidekick, Voter Contact Application

  • GOP Data Center, Updated with new district lines

Trainings: Wednesday at 12PM, Sign Up Here: Wednesday Zoom training/ Q&A on Campaign Sidekick (CSK

If you wish to distribute any of this information, please reach out to Alida and myself for approval*


Joseph Weaver

State Director, Nevada

Republican National Committee

c: 775.720.2866


The NVGOP Holds Poll Worker and Poll Watcher Training every Monday night at 6pm and Saturdays at 11am.We also have Voter Assistances’ (Ballot Harvesting) Training Wednesdays at 6pm. All Trainings are held at the NVGOP office 3502 S Virginia St., Reno. Near Popeyes next to Cricket. RSVPs are not necessary but appreciated; just hit reply and give us your name. If you have an organization and need us to come to you, we will. Just email us at

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On this day way back in 1854, the United States of America gained a vehicle for freedom and liberty that’s still hard at work today… Happy 168th Birthday to the Republican Party!

Here at the NVGOP, we’re proud to carry the torch for a party that has done so much to make America the strongest, freest, GREATEST country in the world. And we’re working hard to keep it that way here in the proud state of Nevada. Thank you to ALL patriotic Republicans who continue to support us in the fight - folks like YOU are keeping the Republican Party strong here in the Silver State! Happy Birthday, GOP! For Nevada and America, NVGOP


Only 78 until Early Voting starts for the Primary Election! Nevada Victory Update: I wanted to start off by welcoming a new staffer to the NV Victory team, our new Black Regional Engagement Director, Eyubed Balcha! His efforts will be concentrated on bringing our conservative values, message and work diligently to increase our conservative footprint in the black community across Nevada, welcome @Eyubed Balcha - Political! Voter Registration: Republicans continue to edge Democrats in the state. Since December Republicans have ADDED 1,640 new voters, whereas Democrats have LOST 810 voters. Our efforts in the field to register new Republicans has paid dividend! To continue this effort, we have registration drives set up at 80% of NV’s college campus’, DMV’s, Farmers Markets, Reno Gun Show and the upcoming Clark County Fair and Rodeo. We encourage you to help us locate more opportunities in your community! Please go to to sign up for an upcoming voter registration event. Weekly Field Highlights







Candidate filing in the state has begun and will continue through March 18th. For daily updates on who is filing, you can go to, a third party group in the state has set up a tracker of candidates running across Nevada, give a visit for daily updates! Lastly, with the Primary vastly approaching, a quick reminder that if you’re a club, county party, or candidate, you have access to the a state of the art RNC data system that we offer to all Republicans up and down the ticket, please reach out to me if you want to schedule a training! Anecdotes: Here’s some articles you may have missed:

  • American Bridge drops $5M boosting Biden in key battlegrounds


  • Judge blocks GOP-backed redistricting lawsuit for 2022 election


  • County commissioner accused of deleting texts prior to Red Rock Canyon housing vote


  • Lawsuits aim to block ballot questions on voter ID, mail voting rollback


  • Cortez Masto campaign buys first TV ads as re-election bid ramps up


  • NV Dem events are ramping up in the coming weeks, link to Voter Reg and Canvass events below


Staff Contact List:

With Poll worker applications now being accepted and poll watching shifts in need for the primary election, Election Integrity is a top priority for the field team, we hold three reoccurring trainings per week lead by our Director @Alex Watson - Political! If you’d like to sign up to be a poll worker, poll watch or schedule a training, find out how to get involved with these efforts here. Here’s our updated Cycle to Date numbers including our Election Integrity efforts: Cycle to Date - Toplines Doors: 210,011 Phones: 325,785 Voter Registrations: 639 Petitions: 2,460 1:1s: 1,788 Team Meetings: 148 RLI Trainings: 245 RLI Fellows: 1,737 Volunteers Recruited: 1,731 Volunteers Engaged: 5,735 Neighborhood Teams: 31 Election Integrity CTD Toplines Stakeholder Meetings: 310 New Volunteer Recruits: 1,134 NTLs Confirmed: 4 NTLs In Progress: 11 RLI Fellows Trained: 209 RLI Trainings Held: 85 Training Attendees: 840 1:1s: 353 See you all in the field!


In March, we recognize the two-year anniversary of Governor Sisolak shutting down our state, creating 30% unemployment, and imposing a never-ending state of emergency that Democrats are unwilling to check. We are working hard every day to recruit and elect Republican officials who will serve the people of Nevada and not special interest groups. Candidate filing has started, and primary elections are coming up quickly in June. Primaries are so important, because it ensures we can have Republicans who vote like Republicans headed into the general election. The general election will be held in November. Joe Biden is currently polling at 23 points underwater, and Nevada can be the state that gives Republicans the majority in the U.S. Senate or in Congress with our huge number of toss-up seats. In addition to hosting our BattleBorn Candidate College trainings for the past year, we offer every Republican candidate data, voter contact apps, and field support completely free of charge. Our goal is a stronger Republican party for all races and having cohesive efforts between all races makes that goal a reality. As always, join us in the fight by signing up to get involved below.



Welcome to March! This month, candidates are making it official and filing in their races. I am so proud of the 85 graduates of our Battle Born Candidate College, which began in 2021 and had 4 cohorts conducted over the past year. This new training for candidates enabled great folks to learn the basics of campaigning and get set up on with the free tools we offer to every campaign. We are proud to offer best-in-class data and walk applications completely free of charge to every Republican running, from school board to Governor. If you haven't signed up yet for a training to build the Red Wave in Nevada, I ask you to get involved by visiting Whether that’s going door to door in your neighborhood to talk to voters, making phone calls to voters, working or watching a polling place, engaging coalition communities, registering voters, or just donating to our cause, we need you in the fight. My next ask would be that everyone take a minute and check your voter registration status. This can easily be done by visiting and ensuring your mailing address and party affiliation are up to date. We have seen hundreds of people who have unknowingly had their political affiliation changed on their voter registration. If you want to participate in the June primary elections, you must be registered Republican because Nevada is a closed primary state. So, update your voter registration, sign up to get involved, and join the fight to take back Nevada!

REPUBLICAN BUSINESS OF THE MONTH Infinity Math Institute Math is essential! We have our very own math expert in Nevada, John Bruchhagen, who runs the Infinity Math Institute. Infinity teaches one-on-one math tutoring, small group, and supplemental classes to develop your math skills. Students can review classes they’ve struggled with, take a supplemental course simultaneously with their school, or learn the content before they take a class so when they learn in school it will simply be a review and they will be able to master content. Check them out here!

FIELD UPDATE Our team has already surpassed 150,000 voter contacts in preparation of the midterm elections! If you haven't stopped by one of our field offices, we are happy to have one in Reno located at 3502 S Virginia St. Unit #A2 Reno, NV 89502 and our first Latino Engagement Community Center in Las Vegas at 235 N Eastern Ave #106 Las Vegas, NV 89101. In March, our Black Voices and Asian American Community Center locations will be finalized as well. Would you like to be a precinct captain and help turn out Republicans in your neighborhood? To join a training in March, please visit to find the next one closest to you. 2022 will be one of the most important elections in Nevada history, alongside activists and volunteers like you, we will flip the US Senate and take back the Governors Mansion!

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