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Our Country Needs Your Help (Opinion)

By Susan Ruch, CCRP State Committeewoman

We have now survived one year of the Biden Administration. Inflation has risen above 6% in one year, our borders are wide open with little control, covid mandates that are draconian, a complete botched withdraw from Afghanistan and out of control spending by the Democrats. Many of the moderate democrats realize the policies this administration is imposing on its citizens will be a reflection in the upcoming 2022 election. Therefore, a number of the far-left Democrats are desperate to keep their control by threatening to use whatever means to pass legislation to try and keep their control. In all actuality it is a massive power grab. First, they are bringing back For the People’s Act (voting reform bill), S.1 which would destroy our voting system. Also, they are threatening to end the Filibuster, they want to add two additional states, Washington, DC and Puerta Rico, and finally pack the Supreme Court. We have a duty to identify House Representatives and Senators whether they are Republican or Democrat. The ones who are up for reelection in 2022 and are vulnerable are the ones we should focus on. Demand that they stop theses un-American pieces of legislation. S.1 – For the People’s Act of 2021, The Build Back Plan and the Filibuster are the first three items we need to address by contacting Senators either by email and or phone calls ASAP.

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