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Paul's Weekly Blog

I was extremely happy with the Precinct Meeting on Saturday.  It was well attended, professionally run, and provided numerous inputs to the Party Platform.  As you look forward to April and the County Convention, expect the same.  Speaking of the County Convention, if you still want to be a delegate stop by the office and sign up.  We will accept volunteers until April 1st or until we run out of delegate spots.  As I have said before, the State Convention in May is a must do activity if you love Nevada and Republican politics. 

At last night's Executive Board meeting we approved our guest speaker for Freedom Fest BBQ. No, I am not going to announce it yet.   We also decided to form a small committee to help, if you are interested please call the office and let us know. 

Josh Skaggs has two new people working with him, Mark Padgett and Tessa Laxalt.  They will be setting up training for the Advantage app and other activities.   As this week ends, we will know who is running for all of our elected office.  We will put out a spreadsheet next week, so you know who is running for the various offices.  And there is still time to file if you are feeling the need to give back some conservative input to our city and school district.

Paul  Strasser Chair@carsoncityrepublicanparty.com 775.315.7761