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Paul's Weekly Update

Chairman's Update: Paul Strasser

Please join our Membership Meeting Thursday at the Fandango!  Mayor Crowell is a great speaker and to be honest this is a great opportunity for anyone who is thinking of running for his seat to find out exactly what he does.

We had a meeting Saturday with Amanda Flocchine from Nevada GOP; she is the Strategic Initiative Director for the state, and we talked about voter outreach, specifically: Hispanic Outreach, Faith Based Outreach, Youth Outreach, and Ex-Felon Outreach.  Please let us know if any of these areas interest you.  We have some ideas to help in all four areas, and we welcome any of your ideas.

I and some of the other county chairs met with Joe Weaver yesterday. He said Trump materials were on the way!  Also, the State Convention is scheduled for May 16 and 17 somewhere in Reno.  Remember, this is where we officially nominate our Presidential nominee, vote for delegates to the National Convention, and elect our Electoral College voters.  To be there as a delegate you need to start at the Precinct Meeting, then the County Convention.

Feb 22 will be the Spring State Meeting somewhere in Las Vegas.   


The state party is looking for a commercial loading dock with storage for a couple of pallets of Republican water for event distribution. Apparently, it is much cheaper to have it delivered to a commercial dock than to an individual home.  Please let me know if you know of anyone that can help. 

Finally, Josh needs someone to drive him around to register voters.  It is easier and we get better results with two people.  Please let him or us know if you want to help. 

Paul Strasser

775 315-7761 pchk9282@yahoo.com