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Maurice Mo White announces reelection campaign.

Updated: Jan 26

1-20-2024 press release

For immediate release from Maurice For Ward 2

Maurice Mo White announces reelection campaign.

Good morning, Carson City. Welcome to the 2024 campaign season. Serving as Carson City Supervisor, Ward 2 has been my profound pleasure. I look forward to being

reelected to another term on November 5 this year.

Over the past three years, I have enjoyed working with several agencies to create

improved policies and processes to provide the health and safety items our residents,

businesses, and visitors expect. Within the Sheriff's Office, we added a second MOST

team, and the Sheriff created a homeless outreach officer. We established a homeless

repatriation program. The Behavioral Health Task Force implemented the new 988

crisis hotline. Nevada Works created the Work Ready Community Revitalization

Program that provides workforce education.

We are in the process of rewriting Title 18 appendix (the zoning codes), repealed title

17.10, and improved the Planning Commission appeals process. We have designed

and funded the new fire station and the Quill Water Treatment Plant. The Williams

Street project was improved by removing the roundabouts and adding various traffic

control elements. I initiated creating new policies for fleet replacement and electric

vehicle charging stations. The Asset Management Program is implemented and being


As the Chairman of the Nevada Commission on OHV we have improved the program

through legislation and internal policy. The Commission has granted over three

million dollars across the state to improve OHV trails and facilities.

As I finish this term and move into the next four years, I look forward to continuing my

efforts to manage our City in a manner our Founders would approve. I will be

concentrating on a complete streets project for North Carson Street and the remodel

and expansion of the courthouse and juvenile detention center. I will be collaborating

with staff to secure additional Marlette Lake water rights and property to extend the life

of our landfill.

I look forward to your support in this election so that I can continue to work for the

residents, businesses, and visitors of Carson City. As always, you can reach out to me

at or give me a call at 775-297-6484. You are welcome

to visit with me on the first Saturday of each month inside the Carson Mall at the Bella

Vita Bistro starting at 8 a.m.

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