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Scott Hoen's Update - 10-13-21

| Chairman's Corner | September 29, 2021 Six items of importance this week:

A - Outreach!!!

B - Hot Diggity Dog

C- Oktoberfest Casino Fandango

D - Nevada GOP - Rural Counties / Winnemucca

E - Chili Feed at Carson City Nugget


A - Outreach!!!

Marti Cockell and her volunteers did a fantastic job getting over 1,200 letters out to NO PARTY and Independent registered voters that have registered in 2021. The majority of voters registered are NO PARTY due to the DMV Auto Registration process. It won't be long until the NO PARTY classification will be bigger than Republicans or Democrats.

We must reach out to them and educate them as to the importance of registering in the party of their choice if they want to have a voice in the Primary Election for either a Republican or Democratic candidate. We have started that process of taking action to reach out!

Susan Ruch and a team of volunteers knocked on doors in precinct 211 helping get the message out from election integrity, listening to concerns, discussing registration and the mail in ballot process and more. The Carson City Republican Party is making an impact by becomming visible through the efforts of all our volunteers. Thank YOU!

B - Hot Diggity Dog

Thank you to everyone for making the October Hot Diggity Dog event a success -- thank you to all the volunteers and a sincere thank you to Karen Fletcher and Susan Ruch for organizing and making this happen. It would not have been done without your leadership. Over 150 community members, Nevada GOP Leadership and Candidates attended. We have new community members to add to our mailing list, new volunteers to help us with future activities and we raised money to help cover the cost of the event. Our goal is to increase our community visibility and let our residents know that the Carson City Republican Party is doing something to promote our conservative values.

C - Octoberfest at the Casino Fandango

A big shout out to all the volunteers with our Voting Registration effort. Thank you to State Committeeman, Joshua Skaggs, for tirelessly solicited for voter registration. We found an extreme amount of interest when Marti Cockell was passing out the OPT OUT of Mail In Ballot forms -- there is a demand to educate our voters that they can help minimize election fraud by opting out of receiving the mail in ballot and vote in person. Making sure their vote in person vote counts. 32 Newly registered voters and little by little we will make an impact.

ONLY 227 Days left until elections begin - probably only 200 days before ballots start arriving for the June 2022 Primary elections.

D - Winnemucca and the NV GOP Fall Meeting

The majority of your State Committeemen are attending the State meeting in Winnemucca. making the commitment of driving and voting at the meeting. Our twelve votes will be heard and proud of their participation. Leadership elections for the State is on the agenda as well as hear from all the other County operations on what they are doing to make a difference in June 2022.

E - Chili Feed at the Nugget on Saturday, October 30th from 11AM - 2PM

WE NEED YOUR help -- calling all volunteers to help with the Chili Feed. Barbara Cegavske, our Secretary of State and James Settelmyer, our NV Senate Minority leader will be serving the community and they expect over 1,000 people to attend the event. Please call our office if you can volunteer your time to help. (775) 841-1800 or sign up on our website HERE.

F. BOONANZA at Mills Park on October 28th along with LINCOLN the Carson City Elephant.

Angela LoGiurato and Josh Skaggs are leading the effort to hand out candy to trick or treaters on Thursday, October 28th. Just another reason to reach out to young families and become more visible in the community. Angela is expecting 1,500 trick or treaters and it is an opportunity to answer any questions parents might have about what our Party is doing in Carson City

Make it a Profitable Day,

Scott Hoen, Chairman


Cell (775) 391-4132

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