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Scott Hoen's Update - 10-21-21

| Chairman's Corner | October 21, 2021 Three items of importance this week:

1 - Winnemucca

2 - United WE Stand, Divided WE Fall!

3 - October Central Committee Meeting with our DA and covering CRT

1. Winnemucca -- NV State GOP Fall Meeting

One of the responsibilities of your State Committeemen / Committeewomen is to attend the two NV GOP State Central Committee member meetings per year. One in the Spring and one in the Fall. The meetings move around the State giving every county Republican party the opportunity to host the event in their community. Congratulations to your team -- every one of our 12 votes was cast in the election of the NV GOP Leadership. Thank you to Maurice White, Marti Cockell, Joe Hart, Susan Ruch, Joy Trushenski, Joshua Skaggs and Ed Levy for making the long trek to Winnemucca. Ask them about their experience when you next meet.

The bottom line is that the current leadership was elected to another two year term led by Michael McDonald. A little drama came about with Clark County and the Central Committee membership regarding who can and can't vote, but Jesse Law, Clark County Chairman, has it well under control and the group is energized! Good for all of us heading into the June 2022 elections.

Washoe County now has new leadership and a new direction -- an energy to make something happen. Mark Lennard, acting Chairman pro tem of the Washoe County Republican Party (after the membership said good bye to the Michael Kadenacy group) and his team are energized to make something happen in Washoe County.

2. United WE Stand, Divided WE Fall!

This leads me into my next topic. The Carson City Republican Party does NOT pre-endorse any Republican candidate prior to the June 2022 Election. WE SUPPORT EVERY SINGLE candidate that is brave enough to put themselves out there for our benefit. We will bring any and all candidates to you so you can ask the tough questions to determine who you want to vote for in the Primary. We will participate with them at their events, we will put their fund raising efforts out to you and get them as much exposure as possible.

Once the voters have spoken and there is a winner of the primary election, we will back EVERY "R" to best of our ability. We won't put up with any distractions and stay focussed on getting our Conservative elected!

We had a State Committeeman recently submit his resignation, made it public and caused dissension and noise in the press that we just don't need. Republicans have a habit of eating their own. I encourage EVERYONE to keep your personal feelings to yourself and support the Republican cause. PLEASE Support the Party -- the ENTIRE state GOP is NOW going in the right direction. Everyone is on the same team moving forward -- United We Stand!

3. October General Meeting Thursday, October 28th at 6:30PM Casino Fandango

We have a GREAT meeting scheduled for you next Thursday, October 28th. We have Karen England, the Nevada Family Alliance Executive Director, joining us to discuss CRT - Critical Race Theory: what is it and how can you take action to be informed? We also have our Carson City District Attorney coming to discuss with you "What is Happening in Carson City". Please come and network with other fellow Conservatives.

Make it a Profitable Day,

Scott Hoen, Chairman


Cell (775) 391-4132

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