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Scott Hoen's Update - 10-28-21

| Chairman's Corner | October 28, 2021 Four items of importance this week:

1 - Volunteers

2 - General Member Meetings

3 - Monthly Outreach

1 - Volunteers are what makes the Carson City Republican Party WORK!

I want to personally thank and acknowledge all the help YOUR office volunteers, State Committeemen, State Committeewomen and your Executive Board do. There are probably a core of thirty people that serve in roles that are working hard for a successful June Primary Election. We are expanding that base of volunteers to help with the 25 precincts in Carson City. We need to, we must knock on doors, drop off material at the voter doors, make phone calls, write letters, text to our database, register voters, educate voters about NO PARTY status and what that means for voters in the primary, educate voters about the mail in ballot preference form and get out the vote -- A lot of basic tasks that all add up to hours of work and we NEED any and all help we can get. Looking for help with Membership, Fundraising, Precinct Captains and an assistant to the Treasurer. Call me, email me, text me if you want to help in any way!

2 - General Member Meetings

We hold our General Member Meetings on the 4th Thursday of the month at the Casino Fandango. Our next one is tonight, Thursday, October 28th featuring an excllent speaker on Critical Race Theory AND our District Attorney letting us know what is happening in Carson City.

The exception to our 4th Thursday meetings is November where we change it to the third Thursday and we will have Mellissa Clement, Nevada Right to Life and our Sheriff Kenny Furlong with an update on What's Happening in Carson City.

Our HOLIDAY party will be in December with a date to be determined and we will NOT be meeting on the fourth Thursday. Members of the Republican Central Committee are welcome to attend the Holiday party and you will be getting invitations.

One last point about our Member meetings -- they are important to attend if you want to be a member of the Republican Committee. We have about 75 active members but the most important is just to get involved. We have over 1600 people on our mailing list with a 40% open rate. We have nearly 3000 Facebook page followers at Facebook.com/CarsonCityRepublicans. Our message is getting out and PLEASE spread the word to your family, neighbors and friends. Our member meetings will heat up with more and more of the candidates taking time in 2022 to come speak to better understand what they stand for and how to earn your vote in 2022. Stay tuned for the schedule of speakers -- sample ballots will be going out in April -- right around the corner

3 - Monthly Outreach

The current leadership decided that we needed to engage the community more than we have in the past with organized monthly events targeting different groups. Karen Fletcher and Susan Ruch put in a lot of time organizing these events, again with a lot of help from our volunteers.

September -- Ice Cream Social - Help the community know about our office in the Capitol

October - Hot Diggity Dog - Reach out to NO party affiliated younger voters

October - Oktoberfest at the Casino Fandango - Voter Registration and Election Integrity

October - Boonanza - Trick or Treat for our young future voters and their parents at Mills Park

November - Wine Tasting - Have conversations with conservatives in the community.

December - Holiday Party - Thank you to our volunteers and Board

January - TBD (let us know what we should do!)

The point of outreach -- we want the community to know the Carson City Republican Party is up to. We will make a difference in the next election supporting our Republican candidates. The basics of calling, door knocking, mailing are important but everyone will know that the Carson City Republican Party is doing something -- Monthly and we appreciate all your friendship, loyalty and support!

Make it a Profitable Day,

Scott Hoen, Chairman


Cell (775) 391-4132

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