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Scott Hoen's Update - 11-17-21

| Chairman's Corner | November 17, 2021 Three items of importance this week:

1 - CHECK your voter registration!

2 - Voter RE-Districting Results are in and Current Carson City Statistics.

3 - November Meeting -- Sheriff Furlong and Melisa Clement!

1. Check your voter registration

A couple of things happened this year that could affect your voter registration status =- Did you get or RENEW your Nevada Drivers License this year? If so, PLEASE, Please check your voter registration status. Are you still a Republican or did your status change to NO PARTY, which would NOT allow you to vote for partisan or Republican Party candidates. There have been cases where folks have been surprised and found this out -- you can simply register online and correct the problem -- PLEASE -- it is better to be safe than sorry and let your friends, family members or neighbors know about the issue.

Click on the link to check your registration status -- let us know if you had to update your status


2 - Voter ReDistricting is in --

No surprises with a Democrat Governor, Democrat Assembly and Democrat Senate -- the Republicans could do nothing but argue why their district boundaries were so wrong and unfair. Looks like some of the Asian and Hispanic communities got split into different districts robbing them of a voting block to better represent their communities. It will be interesting if a court case will be filed in the coming days.

3 - November Meeting TOMORROW Night -- the third Thursday versus the normal fourth Thursday.

Sheriff Kenny Furlong recently announced his candidacy for Carson City Sheriff and he will be providing us with an update on What's Happening in Carson City. Melissa Clement, Executive Director, Right to Life will speak to us about timely issues. Join us tomorrow, Thursday, November 18th! 6:30PM Registration and Networking, 7PM Meeting starts at the Casino Fandango Ballroom.

Make it a Profitable Day,

Scott Hoen, Chairman


Cell (775) 391-4132

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