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Scott Hoen's Update - 9-29-21

| Chairman's Corner | September 29, 2021

: Five items of importance this week: 1 - Clark County 2 - Nevada GOP / Winnemucca 2 - Poll Workers vs. Poll Watchers 4 - Opt out Mail In Ballot Process 5 - Saturday, October 9th - Hot Diggity Dog 1- Clark County I represented the Carson City Republicans at the Las Vegas meeting - the Clark County Republican Party meeting last Tuesday led by Jesse Law, Chairman. They had over 450 people in attendance and was good to see an organization working with the Nevada GOP to work on the common goal of getting Republicans elected. The competing organization, with the same name still, held a zoom meeting the same night with about 100 attendees and they voted in Carie Buck as their Chairman. It's confusing for all of us -- there was court action and as of last week the RNC and Nevada GOP recognized Jesse Law's group as the "official" Clark County Republican Party and I assume their will be a lawsuit to have the Carrie Buck group give up that name they are using. Stay tuned for more as I lean of it but at least we have a functional Clark County working for the best outcome in June 2022. To all those that have been frustrated with the process -- it looks like even the Rural Counties will be able to work with Clark going forward -- all good news to know about. 2 - Nevada GOP and Winnemucca Your Board had a meeting Saturday morning with Michael McDonald, Jesse Law, Michael Bertrand and even Jim Marchant, who is running for Secretary of State. The purpose for the meeting was for the newest members of our Board to get to know the State Leadership and hear what they have done and what they are doing with the direction of the State and the RNC. A 2 ½ hour meeting and good information was shared and YOUR Board had excellent questions. Why is that important? Your elected Board and State Committeemen and Committeewoman attend two very important STATE meetings every year. One in the Spring and one in the Fall. This year's fall meeting is in Winnemucca and they have a voice with their vote to elect State Leadership and more. We will be traveling to Winnemucca October 15 and 16th. October 15th is when the RURAL Counties get together to have a strong voice representing the State with the exception of Washoe and Clark County - All the Rural Counties combined have about the same voice as Washoe County. More to follow on this later. 3 - Poll Workers vs. Poll Watchers in Carson City. Poll Workers are paid by the Carson City Recorder/Clerks office when they work the election cycle. The Recorder/Clerk selects those to work the polls and does a good job making sure political parties are equally represented to be fair. PLEASE register and commit your time to work at the polls -- You can do that by going to this link and registering and look out for a letter from the Carson City clerk whether or not they will need your assistance. The Carson City Recorder / Clerks office will be offering extensive training per the changes in the law with AB321 - they will be reaching out early to get ready for the election and what better a way to be apart of the election integrity conversation then actually see the process and work the polls. Click here to become a poll worker. https://www.carson.org/government/departments-a-f/clerk-recorder/elections-department/election-worker-application 4 - Opt Out Mail in Ballot process There is a new process this year to OPT OUT of receiving a mail in ballot. Some don't trust the mail to get the ballot to them and want to vote in person for sure and you can STOP receiving the mail in ballot that will be sent to all ACTIVE registered voters. There is a early April deadline in which you must return the form to OPT Out of receiving the ballot. Click here for the OPT OUT mail in ballot form. 5 - Our Community outreach continues with the Hot Diggity Dog "meet and greet' event on Saturday, October 9th. The special events committee is doing a fantastic job led by Karen Fletcher and Susan Ruch. We actually did a special direct mail post card to the NO Party registered voters AND your families to get involved with the Party. This is simply an opportunity to network and meet your fellow conservatives in Carson City. Who knows - you might even see some candidates wandering around answering your tough questions. I can't say this enough - the Carson City Republican Party will NOT pre-endorse a candidate running in the election. We give everyone the opportunity to get the word out through our email program or Facebook promotion. We want everyone to meet the candidates AND ASK THE TOUGH QUESTIONS! Please -- meet them but ask them questions that will help you make a decision to vote for. Once the primary has concluded AND we have a Republican candidate= the Carson City Republican Party will do everything in our power to see that they get elected. Door knocking, phone calls, writing letters, direct mail and texting. This is where we need your support financially to make a difference in Carson City. Thank you to Ron Knecht for all his fund raising assistance and everyone that contributes during our meetings. We average over $400 per member meeting and that helps us keep the lights on at the office. We need your help for all the other projects we are working on. Click here to donate. Sorry for the long winded message but it is important for everyone to know even if you don't come to a meeting. We have over 40% open rate of our emails and we want to keep communicating with you! Make it a Profitable Day Scott Hoen, Chairman Chair@CarsonCityRepublicans.com Cell (775) 391-4132

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