• Scott Hoen, Outreach

Solve the Problem of Voter Registration rather than adopt the top two method

Did you see the Nevada Appeal article by Republican State Senator, Ben Kieckhefer?

The proposed open non-presidential primary proposal by Kieckhefer of the top two in the general election doesn’t solve the problem with voter participation. The independents or non-party registered voters is growing due to the Department of Vehicle voter registration process. Even when you go online to register vehicles, you have the opportunity to register to vote and the system DOESN’T ask what political party you would like to register as and automatically registers you as NO PARTY affiliation. Citizens of Carson City should look to see how they are registered. You can change or update your voting affiliation. NO party registered voters can NOT vote for a Democrat or Republican in the primary and only can vote for the other party in the general election. Fix the registration problem and let the party put up their best candidate as a result of the primary for the general election.

The State of Nevada has a site that allows you to check your registration and how to change. https://www.nvsos.gov/votersearch/

The top two method as proposed like California favor a dominate party with the top two being either top two democrats or top two republicans and the general election should be one party running against the other. Especially with the normal low turnout in the primary elections. Let the political parties put up their best candidate and let the best person win. Don’t turn Nevada into California.

Scott Hoen

Carson City, NV