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Something Remarkable Happened

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

Something remarkable took place in Carson City. Democrats in the Assembly scheduled a vote on their bill to make Nevada a Sanctuary State on Tuesday. Knowing we needed to act fast, the Nevada Republican Party flipped the switch and activated the grassroots.

We only had a couple hours to make a difference, so our backs were against the wall.

But we did it. Thanks to nearly 500 concerned Nevadans calling and emailing their legislators, the bill was pulled from the calendar and a vote has been postponed indefinitely.

However, we're not in the clear yet.

If this legislation has any hope of being signed into law, Democrats will need to pass it out of the Assembly by Tuesday, April 23.

While this was a huge win for the Nevada Republican Party, we've got to keep the pressure on our legislators. Clearly our efforts are working, so let's keep our foot on the gas.

. Urge these lawmakers to protect Nevadans and vote NO on A.B. 281!

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