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The History of Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Systems

By Susan Ruch, CCRP State Committeewoman

The right to vote in a free and fair election is the most basic civil right, one on which many of the other rights of the American people depend. Considering the tremendous controversy swirling around the 2020 election we must think carefully and act forcefully to protect our Republic from both internal and external threats.

Voting Machines: History of Smartmatic, Sequoia, and Dominion

A. Socialization of Venezuela Fidel Castro felt Isolated and alienated from Russia after the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis and the lack of Russian financial assistance. He saw Venezuela as the crown Jewel of Latin America and set his eyes on bringing about a socialist revolution there. His big break came in 1994 when Hugo Chavez visited Cuba after his release from prison.

B. Chavez had great charisma and a drive for power, and Castro decided to groom him for the presidential election in 1998. He was elected that year as the President of Venezuela. In exchange for Castro’s support, Chavez agreed to indoctrinate Venezuelans into socialism and train the Venezuelan military in Castro’s style of military control. Furthermore, Cuba supplied Venezuela with 20,000 medical professionals and educators and Venezuela sent Cuba 53,000 Barrels of oil a day.

C. Smartmatic’s Founding and Growth in Venezuela[i] In 1997 Antonia Mugica, Alberto Anzola and Roger Pinate founded Smartmatic in Venezuela. They created a consortium called SBC which included Smartmatic, Venezuelan Telecom provider CANTV and the software company Bitza and began developing voting systems. On April 11, 2000 Smartmatic was incorporated in Delaware, the world’s top secrecy jurisdiction. (Ironically, Joe Biden was the state’s Senator at that time).[ii]

D. Smartmatic’s big break came in 2003 when the pro-Chavez National Electoral Council replaced all existing systems with Smartmatic systems in the run-up to the Chavez recall referendum of 2004. Chavez prevailed in the referendum and many voters felt that they had been cheated. One study proved that the Smartmatic machines were Bi-Directional, and there were concerns about how data was reported to the CNE (National Electoral Council) server during the referendum. The most suspicious data point is that the Smartmatic system contacted the server before printing results. This provided the opportunity to change results and defeat the rudimentary checks set up by the international observers.

E. Smartmatic and Sequoia Pacific Systems: In 2005, using the proceeds from the windfall deal with Venezuela, Smartmatic was able to purchase the much larger and well-established American company, Sequoia Pacific System Corporation whose AVC Advantage DRE voting system had been certified in several states. The expanded company grew rapidly.

F. However, suspicions of un-due influence from Venezuela and irregularities in Florida and Cook County, Illinois resulted in US government intervention due to national election security concerns. Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (D-NY).[iii] shined the congressional spotlight on the Sequoia purchase by Smartmatic because it posed serious national security concerns about election integrity. Smartmatic was ordered to divest of its control of the former Sequoia Pacific company, and a new entity, Sequoia Voting System Holdings, owned by an American management team, was formed. But the split was not complete, and Smartmatic retained intellectual property and foreign non-complete rights.

[i] The Link between Dominion, Sequoia, Smartmatic and the CCP. This article got Powell banned from Twitter, [ii]State of the Nation November 19, 202[2] Delaware – a black hole in the heart of America, [iii]

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