• Scott Hoen, Outreach

Update from Chairman Paul Strasser

Well, about now I would be telling everyone about upcoming events.  Unfortunately, as of right now we have cancelled March's monthly meeting and who knows what will be cancelled in the future.  Soon as we hear some positive news, I will pass it on.  I have a conference call with the State GOP Wednesday night, any news good or bad I will pass on to everyone. Josh and company will be busy on the phones and I would hope everyone will join them in calling our fellow Republicans and others to make sure they support our President. I am proud of what President Trump has done and what he will continue to do to combat this pandemic.  As he has said, our economy is strong and will bounce back stronger than ever. There are quite a few surprises on our candidate selections.  I was not expecting Al Kramer to drop out and PK O'Neil to register.  We are trying to get both Day Williams and PK to one of our monthly meetings.  This should be interesting. Please be careful and safe out there.

  1. Paul  Strasser Chair@carsoncityrepublicanparty.com 775.315.7761