• Scott Hoen, Outreach


The 2020 elections are quickly approaching. Where do you stand? What candidates will you support? Will you support them financially? Will you support them with your time? Will you be a candidate? Voting is not enough. We all must actively support candidates that will provide governance that reflects the philosophies of our founders. We all must reach out to our neighbors, friends, and family to ensure they are engaged, knowledgeable, and participating in the process. We all must reach out to the candidates so they will know our wants and needs. No longer is it acceptable to claim all politicians are bad. No longer is it acceptable to claim to be neutral. In her 2012 book, "The Right Angle", Sharron warned us of the dangerous direction we are headed. Ponder this quote from her book, "The real crisis is that America is on a path to slide into the European-like socialism promoted by Reid, 0bama, and Pelosi".  Add to this trio the gaggle of hysterical characters now fully engaged in the destruction of this nation.   She followed that statement with this: "Are we tilting at windmills? Is the fight already lost? Did we fiddle while Rome burned? Is there still time to stop the rush to socialism? These questions haunt most Americans who feel the urgency now! I say it is not too late, but we must come together and act decisively...and immediately". I suggest we take heed to Sharron's warning, "act decisively....and immediately". I further suggest we take note of the hysterical creatures that inhabit our State and Local governments. It is no longer acceptable to not be engaged and working to secure our various governments from these seditious agents. When, from the dais, a Nevada Senator demands the legal term "llegal alien" shall not be uttered in her presence we must "act decisively...and immediately". Why should we be politically active? Because it is our absolute obligation! These United States cannot survive if we, the general public, do not exercise our rights. This Republic relies on the voice of the people to direct the course of the future. Our future is in adherence to the philosophies of our founders. If we are to keep this Republic, we must take the time to seek out and elect constitutionally minded candidates. Part of the duty of voting is to educate ourselves and others, and to continue reeducating elected officials as to the appropriate actions each government entity must follow. We owe it to our country to participate; it is our duty. The founders put their treasure and blood on the line for us. Generations before us have suffered to ensure the stability of this Republic for us. We owe it to them. We owe it to present and future generations, for they will live in either tyranny or freedom depending on our actions. Get active. Get smart. We must make a "decisive ... and immediate" political turn now if we are going to continue to enjoy our freedoms, not just on a national level. We need redirection at the state and local level. Remember the foul smelling agenda of the last legislative session? Remember the gas tax our Board of Supervisors foisted upon us this past Thursday? Do more than vote, be active in the process. It is the way to freedom and prosperity. Maurice White Carson City Republican Party State Committeeman