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Weekly Update - April 24th

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

The party held elections last week at our Thursday Membership meeting.  The list of the new Board and Committeemen will be posted on our website soon.  Please congratulate them when you see them. The new Board plans on getting our President elected in 2020 and we welcome your assistance in that effort.  

We also received briefings on Facebook and other social media.  Scott Hoen talked about how to direct traffic to our Facebook site to make it easier for folks to find it.  Maurice White talked about how to log into and navigate the Legislature website and how to provide feedback.  Look for the video on youtube soon.

We also held a special collection for a Screen and Projector; if you want to contribute please stop by the office.

Friday and Saturday the State Spring meeting was held at the Nugget downtown.  I was very pleased with the food and the facilities, please thank Dean next time you are there.  Here are some observations that should be interesting:

 - Nevada GOP is hiring, if you know someone that is looking for political opportunity let me know.

 - State Party is in a great position financially.

 - Big GOP is here to help and wants us to win Nevada.

 - New Leadership Training, Trump Leadership Initiative Training will be held soon.

 - Rural Dems are not city Dems and don't like a lot of the legislation going on.

 - SageBrush Caucus is alive and well and is a great fundraiser for the state.

 - Nevada GOP and Big GOP will help us get speakers for events and fundraisers. 

 - More short concise email to the legislature opposing bills would be helpful.

 - Lots of Robert Rules of Order activity at meeting, but nothing happened.

 - If you want the Financial Report for Nevada GOP let me know.

 - Several politicians spoke: James Settlemeyer, Jim Wheeler, Ira Hansen, John Ellison, Greg Hafen, Alexis Hansen, Al Kramer, and Adam Laxalt,  whose best comment was he  is here to fight the good fight.  It was good to see them there. 

 - Voter ID initiative coming, be prepared to gather signatures.

 - Josh gave a rousing get out the opposition to the Dems speech.

 - Don't look for statewide publication of State Central Committee members.

 - Food at Martin Hotel was really good.

As always please call if you have any questions

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