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Weekly Update From Paul - August 14, 2019

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

Weekly Update from Paul:

We had a lengthy Executive Board Meeting last night to discuss the upcoming election.   The State Central Committee is having elections at the September 7th meeting in Winnemucca.   We (eleven of us) along with the other 300 State Committeeman and 30ish politicians will vote for Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary.  Unlike the last time, this is a contested race for Chairman and Vice Chairman.  We have met with all six candidates during the last couple of weeks and have discussed the pro's/con's of the candidates and our way forward.  As a reminder, Michael McDonald and Jim DeGraffenreid are the incumbent Chairman and Vice Chairman. Annie Black and David McKeon are running for Chairman; Michael Jack and Ron Knecht are running for Vice Chairman.  Hopefully we will make the best decision for our party in September.  As always if you have feelings or comments about the election please let me or one of the State Committeemen know.  

We will also be voting on whether we have a Presidential caucus in February or enable the State Executive Committee to use an Alternative Presidential Poll to determine binding of delegates and their alternatives. In other words we would support President Trump as our nominee and not have to do the caucus.  Again if you have comments please let me or one of the State Committeemen know.  

 Mark Amodei will be speaking at the CCRW meeting next week; you do not have to be a member to attend.  Also Basque Fry is coming up, I heard Adam Lauxalt on the radio the other day and he sounded pretty fired up about his future in Nevada politics.  So come on out and share his excitement. Paul 775 315-7761

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