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  • Karen Fletcher


Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Here is the list of activities we need help with: 1. Our GOTV walker and phone programs are progressing well, if you want to join please call. We need all the help we can get. I know it has been smoky, but it should clear up soon. Training and assistance are provided. 2. We need volunteers for a voter registration booth down at the mall. Again, training and assistance are provided, Having people register to vote that have never voted before, never been a Republican or never thought they could vote is extremely rewarding and important.

3. We have a signup sheet in the office for our Voter Assistance Booth that we have outside the polling location (Community Center) throughout early voting and election day. We hand out voter assistance cards, support our local and national candidates and generally help anyone who needs assistance. Again, training and support are provided. 4. We will be calling voters throughout the early voting period to remind them to vote and offering rides to the polling location. We have four cell phones for use in the office and as always training and support are provided.

Yes, this is the time to get involved, we have a really good chance to turn Nevada Red this cycle and set us up for a Republican blowout in 2022.

Please call our office at (775)-841-1800 if you can help.

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