• Scott Hoen, Outreach

What you can do to help

  1. Attention party Republicans!!!

  2. President Trump is doing so much for us during this difficult time and we want to express our gratitude by supporting him as much as we can.

  3. Josh Skaggs (Regional Field Director Nevada GOP/Trump Victory) and others are busy on the phones and would like your help.  We can help re-elect President Trump even while we are housebound.

  4. -If you are familiar with the Advantage 3 Red Dialer App and have it on your phone, please contact Josh at 515-512-0858 or josh.skaggs@nevadaggop.org for a new password and give him your phone #.

  5. -If you do not have the App on your phone, please contact Josh at 515-512-0858 or josh.skaggs@nevadaggop.org and he will be happy to contact you and give you lessons on how to get the App and use it.

  6. -Josh is at our office and he can meet with you one on one if you would prefer to do that.

  1. Again, let's keep the momentum going and show President Trump our appreciation!!